Showtime Free Preview on Dish Network

Claire Danes in Homeland

Free Preview Begins: February 9, 2018 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: February 12, 2018 (Monday)

Dish Network will be showing a free preview of Showtime February 9-12, highlighting the season 7 premiere of Homeland on February 11.

Thank you, Jennifer, for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

318-323, 327-328, 333: Showtime

Dish Network


  1. Really hope Xfinity/Comcast should join Dish network for the Showtime free preview weekend just in time for the season premiere of Homeland.

    1. Kevin Tran i think this is the annual free preview that Showtime is free for all providers

  2. What time does the free preview on showtime end? If u haven’t ever watched Shameless u have no idea what ur missing

  3. WOW Cable tweeted today about an upcoming HBO & Cinemax 4-day preview, though they neglected to mention the dates. I’m assuming it’ll be the same as above.

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