Reminder: Free Previews of Showtime and EPIX This Weekend

There’s more great free previews happening this weekend for DirecTV, Dish Network, and Verizon FIOS. Click the links below for more details on each free preview.

Please post a comment on this post if I’ve missed anything. Thanks to everyone who sent in tips the last few weeks!

Free Preview of Showtime on DirecTV – June 21-23

Free Preview of EPIX on Dish Network – June 21-23

Free Preview of EPIX on Verizon FIOS – June 21-23


  1. Is there any free previews comming up for cox cable?

  2. This one is misleading. It makes it sound like all of those providers will be getting Epix and Showtime, but then you click on it and it says Verizon is only getting Epix, not Showtime.

  3. This is a wrap-up post for all the free previews happening this weekend. You’ll find more information by using the links.

  4. what is start and stop time?

  5. Just so u know Cox cable is showing epix on demand for free but not on its channel.

  6. @billy
    Starts 6/21 at 6am
    Ends 6/24 at 6am

  7. Thank you. Here is some valuable advice: if for example a free preview of HBO (this is just an example) ran from July 4-7, IT WOULD ALWAYS (I live in Pennsylvania, Eastern Time Zone) start at 6am on the said starting day (July 4 as stated), and would end on the day directly after (July 8) it is supposed to end at 6am. Using this trick, I recorded Shaun of the Dead off of HBOZone on June 18 in the way early morning! I hope that you all learned a thing or to from this (but be warned, the inconvenient starting of Speed 2 Cruise Control June 14 at 6am made me miss the fox logo because it was like a cd player and skipped it)

  8. Contrary to the above, there was no free Showtime preview on Dish this past weekend.

  9. David, it clearly states that the Showtime free preview was for DirecTV.

  10. Thanks for this website. It’s very convenient for me to check once in awhile. I NEVER read the spam DirecTV sends me… ;)

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