Free Preview of Starz This Weekend for Many

starz-logoThere’s a free preview of Starz coming up for many of you starting tomorrow or in a few days to promote Season 2 of Da Vinci’s Demons. White House Down makes its Starz premiere on Friday, March 21.

Here’s a wrap-up of who is getting what and when. Click the links for more details and channel line-ups. Please leave a comment below if you know your provider is participating but you don’t see it on the list.

We just got word in from Susan and Don that Verizon FIOS is having this free Starz and Encore preview March 21-23.

The free preview of Starz and Encore will be on DirecTV March 19-23.

Dish Network is having a free preview of Starz, Encore, Movieplex, Indieplex, and Retroplex March 19-23.

AT&T U-Verse will be showing a free preview of Starz and Encore March 21-23.

The free preview of Starz will be showing on Cox March 21-24.

There will be a free preview of Starz on Bright House March 21-23. Update 3/22 – Looks like you’ll have to call Bright House to have them turn on the free preview for you. Thanks Drew!



  1. Also on Verizon FIOS, just got the e-mail from them.

  2. Thanks Susan!

  3. Yes Verizon Fios just notified its customers this morning. Free Preview Weekend of Starz, Encore, IndiePlex & RetroPlex starting today Friday 3/21/14 – Sunday 3/23/14.

  4. Well it’s 6pm and no free preview of starz showing on Brighthouse.

  5. Schmenge wrote: “Well it’s 6pm and no free preview of starz showing on Brighthouse.” Me, too, so I called them and they told me that although the Starz Preview is free, you HAVE TO CALL THEM to turn it on! Can you believe that? In the past, I’ve had Comcast and Verizon, too, and on both of those services, if there was a free weekend, you just turned on your TV and there it was, but with BrightHouse, no, you have to CALL THEM! Unbelievable!

  6. That is insane Drew! I have never heard of that happening.

  7. No Starz on Directv.

  8. I do have the preview of Starz and Encore on AT&T uverse, as on 3/23/14.

  9. No starz on cox :-(

  10. Cox in Irvine switched off the free preview at 9:30 in the morning on the 24th.

  11. No free HBO on cox

  12. What channel for free HBO

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