Reminder: Free Preview of Showtime for Many Providers

Free Preview Begins: January 6, 2012 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends
:  January 8, 2012 (Sunday)


There’s going to be a big nationwide free preview of Showtime from January 6-8 to promote the series premiers of House of Lies, Shameless, and Californication. They’ll also be showing the premier of The King’s Speech.

So far I can confirm that this is going to be available on DirecTV, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Verizon FIOS, Mediacom, and RCN. No word yet if Dish Network will be showing it.

Thanks so much to Wayne, T.L., Mike, and David for letting me know about this free preview. If you know of a free preview, please let me know.

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider


  1. As of Thursday, January 6th 9:00pm CST, the Showtime free preview is not available on Comcast on Houston, TX.

  2. It figures. ATT is not in on this free preview. :(

  3. As of 8am this morning, preview was not happening on Charter OnDemand in rural MN. Gee, I hope it’s not just the stations. OnDemand is what’s really great during these previews.

  4. As of 2:12 PM EST, Verizon Fios is showing free preview of Showtime. Cheers!

  5. As of 2:45pm, Cox of Hampton Roads VA is not showing the Showtime free preview. The customer service rep said that it should have started at 6 am.

  6. sarah k Its only On Demand and Online at xfinity,tv

  7. In ATl Comcast is not previewing Showtime as they stated…

  8. Also TMC is free on Verizon Fios. Enjoy!

  9. I have Comcast digital and no free preview here either…bummer

  10. went to ondemand showtime..getting free preview…awesome watching the second season of The Big C

  11. Sarah K, Jan 6th 9:00 pm CST hasn’t happened yet. You wrote your comment on January 5th. :-) Write back today and let us know if the preview is working in your area, please.

  12. No free preview as of 2pm PST on Comcast 1/6

  13. Read comments above and IT IS working on ON DEMAND on Comcast. Thanks!

  14. Still not working on cox in Hampton roads as of 645pm Friday night. Customer sercive knows nothing about the preview when I called.

  15. Great info. Thanks

  16. I just checked on the showtime website. For comcast users, only the ondemand and internet xfinity showtime channel are free. The tv channels are still by subscription only.

  17. The free preview is also not on Time Warner Cable.

  18. The free preview is also not on Time Warner Cable NYC.

  19. As of 8:45 pm est the showtime free preview is only available on Cox On Demand in the Hampton Roads area

  20. Comcast is only doing the showtime OnDemand. Not the channels. Lame.

  21. Not showing up on Cox Showtime channels but you can get it on demand.

  22. Comcrap does it again no free Showtime once again

  23. DishNetwork is not doing this, just checked. losers!

  24. Tried Fri. 1/6/12 and today 1/7/12, with Mediacom. No preview. Will mimic the comment of sandybeach55, “Mediacrap”. They’ve been advertising this for almost 2 weeks now and they can’t get their s**t straight. Why do I keep paying for substandard cable and poor customer service. I have no idea anymore. What a joke. Massive fail!

  25. XFINITY here in the bay area is also only doing online and on demand.

  26. No Showtime free preview on Comcast. Sat, 4:30 pm, 1/7/12.

  27. Be advised that suddenlink communications is only offering the on demand and not the live feed, they suck.

  28. No free weekend for me. Thanks alot cox for dissapointing me!!

  29. Why is this “Free Preview” only available through “On Demand on Comcast?” Doesn’t a free preview mean that it will be available to everyone?

  30. Charter ended the free preview early..and the service was spotty anyway when they did have it.

  31. Had been watching shows through OnDemand Friday through Saturday. Just made it to the best episode of the last season of “Dexter” and now they’re not showing the rest. Not cool. I thought it was supposed to go through tonight?

  32. FIOS with verizon has been offering showtime live channels and on demand all weekend. Got the watch entire season 6 of dexter!

  33. Comcast has Showtime on Demand available – new episodes airing tonight already available (i.e. Season 5, Episode 1 of Californication) for all those wondering

    Detroit, MI

  34. Comcast subscriber here… to say that this freeview was a let down is an understatement. Comcast dropped the ball by only offering OnDemand and Online AND they ended the online bit early. Sunday evening and all of Showtime is once again locked down.

    Seems to me that Showtime has a free preview to lure in new customers and Comcast is preventing that. New Showtime subscribers are also money in Comcast pockets, but management apparently does not understand that.

  35. There is also CineMAX HD in Houston with out Cable box. Must have HDTV.

  36. them cheap charter basters didnt give me a free preview thy even had an add about it i turn to it but it wasnt on

  37. Charter in worcester ma gave no free showtime wharsoever. It is now 11 on sunday

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