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Reminder – DirecTV Free Preview of Premier Package w/ Movie Channels Starts Tomorrow!

I wanted to remind all you DirecTV subscribers that you have a big free preview starting tomorrow (June 18) and running through Sunday (June 21).

This free preview will feature DirecTV’s Premier Package which includes HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Sports Pack and more! You can see the original post for this DirecTV free preview to see more details about this free preview including the channel line-up and the discussion on whether subscribers will see this free preview become a reality!


  1. Just wanted to let you know I know been a directv customer yet december and I did NOT ret the FREE preview of HBO or CInemax or whichever ones they were. I got NONE>

  2. I have NEVER received a notice of a free preview weekend. I just happened to luck upon it this time. What do I have to do to receive a notice of the next free preview weekend?

  3. Brenda, unfortunately most providers are terrible about letting their customers know about free previews – that’s the whole reason I decided that there was a great need for this site.

    You can find out about free previews from this site by signing up for an email alert, RSS feed or following us on twitter.

  4. I’m in the same situation as Brenda, I have NEVER NEVER NEVER received a notice of a free preview weekend. I even went on their website and there is no mention of a free preview weekend – nothing! I was just channel surfing when suddenly I was getting channels I haven’t paid for. Unfortunately, it was on Sunday, so I missed 2 days of free previews. Why does Direct TV put these free previews out and refuse to tell anyone about it. I’m going to check with every week for now on. Thanks

  5. Does anyone know if this preview goes all the way up to midnight? Just wondering when the cut-off will be for the weekend. Thanks.

  6. why they dont like notifying their customers!!!!??? i just 5 minutes ago found out about this..

  7. Thank you! I just found out I missed the DirecTV preview this weekend – but I found your site and hopefully won’t miss anymore!

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