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Reminder – DirecTV Free Preview of Choice Xtra Package Starts Tomorrow

Since I know many of you are DirecTV subscribers, I wanted to remind you that a DirecTV free preview starts tomorrow. This free preview was posted awhile ago and I want to make sure no one misses it!

As previously posted, a free preview of the Choice Xtra Package on DirecTV starts tomorrow (May 27th) and runs through Sunday (May 31st). Check out the previous post to find the channel line-up for the Choice Xtra Package free preview.

Enjoy your free preview weekend!


  1. this preview actually started on the 24th and will continue thru the 31st of May

  2. Thanks.
    I noticed the extra channels were on, but couldn’t find it on DirecTV’s site.
    I had to Google it to locate this site.

  3. 9a Weds— I’m still not getting any of those channels here in NE Ohio. Anyone else?

  4. Mine hasnt started yet. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’m in north central IL btw.

  5. It Hasn’t Showed Up On My Television Yet. I Live In Sparta, Tennessee.

  6. still NOTHING. although I do have the chill channel now…for some reason. Too bad it’s not in HD.

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