Reminder – AT&T U-verse Free Preview of Starz Starts Tomorrow!

If you are an AT&T U-verse subscriber you will be getting free Starz starting tomorrow.

As previously posted, this free preview starts tomorrow, July 1st and runs through July 31st. Enjoy your free preview!



  1. Do you know if this is only non-HD? I am not seeing the HD channels on my Guide today.

  2. I’m getting the same problem. I have most channels for several movie stations in non-HD, except the special STARZ channels. I do get a few from other stations in HD, maybe 2 or 3 channels.

  3. I’m not getting the free Starz preview. I’m with U-verse in Ann Arbor, MI. Boo, I was looking forward to it, too.

  4. Ok, I was really looking forward to this month long preview, and have yet to get it!!!!! I have U-Verse in Grand Rapids, MI….anybody know why I don’t have the preview?

  5. I’ve just got U-verse near Chicago. Only the primary channels of Starz east and west show on the preview. Nice find for fans of movies though stuff like Pineapple Express is a bit juvenile for my tastes.

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