HBO Free Preview for DirecTV

Free Preview Begins: January 15, 2009 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends
: January 18, 2009 (Sunday)

DirecTV is having a free preview of HBO from January 15-18 to promote the premiere of the new season of Big Love. A big thanks goes out to DC for letting me know about this free preview!

Channel Lineup:

501 – HBO & HBO HD
502 – HBO2
503 – HBO Signature
504 – HBO (West)
505 – HBO2 (West)
507 – HBO Family
508 – HBO Family (West)



  1. Thanks, man. Looking forward to it.

  2. sure appreciate knowing this! GOt it from a freebie place.. how can I find out everytime they do this?

  3. oops I found it I believe !! and signed up !

  4. Seems we are getting Cinemax as well

  5. Thanks for the update Lisa… they are usually paired together so I thought that might happen!

    Here are the channel numbers for the Cinemax channels for DirecTV.

    512 – Cinemax (East)
    513 – MoreMAX
    514 – Cinemax (West)

  6. is anyone else getting spanish text writing along the bottom of the hbo and cinamax channels tonight?.. it will continue when you change the channel back to regular programming for up to 15 minutes. aside from that, thank you for this site, g.

  7. to the best of my knowledge not made aware of this by directv? not even on the website? just came across it while surfing channels. will monitor this wesite from now on! thank you!

  8. Does anyone know what time on thursday this started and what time on Sunday it will end???

  9. Pat I’m not sure what time it started. They seem to turn it on and off whenever the decide to “throw the switch”. They usually will have it on at least until midnight Sunday night and if you’re lucky they may not do it until Monday morning.

  10. Even though HBO and MAX was free this weekend, there was nothing to watch but same ole movies like Mrs. Doubtfire and Ferris Buller’s Day Off. DirecTV is great service but HBO is pittiful!!!

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