HBO Free Preview for Comcast


Free Preview Begins: May 10, 2009 (Sunday)
Free Preview Ends: May 13, 2009 (Wednesday)

Comcast is having a free preview of HBO and HBO On Demand channels from May 10 through May 13. CableCARD customers will not get the HBO On Demand channels during this free preview. A big thanks goes out to Don for letting me know about this free preview!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider for the local channel lineup.



  1. I am not getting the free HBO. Does the preview include the McHenry, IL area?

  2. Ron, I assumed that this free preview was for all Comcast customers. I suppose the local affiliates could decide not to participate if they so choose, although it’s beyond me why they would opt out.

    Are you Comcast customers out there getting this free preview?

  3. No luck down here in TX either..What time should it have started?

  4. It starts whenever someone over there decides to “flip the switch”… maybe they are just sleeping in this morning! Let’s hope it starts soon!

  5. Thanks for the response, I will keep you updated in either case..

  6. Not working in Reading,Pa.A legal notice was published in the local newspaper 30 days ago about this preview and Comcast sent out a red light message on my boxes as a reminder but not working.

  7. Starts @ 8:00 AM PST

  8. Anybody in Philadelphia, PA getting the free HBO preview?
    I am not as of 11am Sunday. Maybe it starts later. If we do not get it by this afternoon, I’ll give comcast call

  9. Anyone in Leominster get it yet. Somebody give comcast a call.

  10. getting FREE HBO all HBO channels and on demand working fine in Pittsburgh PA, “Steeler Country” and “Go Pens”

  11. Also not getting the free preview – very annoyed. This free preview weekend was going to be the make or break decision maker as to whether I would keep my Comcast service. In fact, after Comcast started charging $0.99 for each episode of most of my anime, I had decided last Wednesday that I was going to cancel on Thursday. Then I remembered the preview and debated the switch. Now I wish I had just taken the boxes back. I read the document in regards to this preview and it is supposed to be all the channels, yet when I called in last night one rep told me it was only the OnDemand and another rep today told me it’s only the Alzheimer’s Project under “Get Local.” This is ridiculous.

  12. We’ve been had folks…

  13. No free HBO in Port charlotte, FL either. It was in the local paper this morning but can’t find it anywhere on the tube. Comcast stinks and has a monopoly here. Perhaps Directtv is the way to go. I get no saisfaction with the channel selections they make and in the past year they have been moving popular channels up to the higher price.

  14. Yes, Folks, like credit card companies and other big corporations, we are always getting screwed.

  15. has anyone got it in masschusett yet. plaease let me know anyone.

  16. just called comcast in new jersey, they said we’ll only get HBO on demand, not the channels and it should start at 8PM EST…we’ll see.

  17. Still no H.B.O. here in Port Charlotte
    Florida or probably all of southwest Florida. What a rip off, right Cindy.

  18. Not here in Downingotwn. It’s 10:00 P.M. Sunday, the 10th of May, 2009. Do you know where your ‘free HBO’ is?

  19. 11pm sunday night here in philly,, and still no HBO :( bummer

  20. per Comcast, HBO has cancelled the free preview. This does not seem right, should complain to HBO.

  21. Any one in harrisburg know what is going on?

  22. Nothing in central PA. Comcast eats all the balls.

  23. It’s monday and still not FREE. somebody call comcast.

  24. Just checked this Monday morning and
    not a sign of HBO.

  25. Did you Comcast customers at least get the free HBO during the Alzheimer’s special last night (9-10 EST)?

    I would be surprised if HBO canceled the free preview – I do know that DirecTV is indeed getting theirs right now.

  26. I tried the Alzheimer special and could not get it. as of this morning, still no preview on any channel or ON DEMAND.

  27. Comcast chat room says that the preview was cancelled!

  28. Thanks for the update Ron, I’ve updated the post to reflect that the free preview has been canceled.

  29. Bah Humbug!

    -CEO Comcast Corp.

  30. Way to go, Comcast! Alienate more than 5 million suffering souls and their caregivers. Shame on you (again).

    Did Comcast give any reason for cancelling?

    I understand HBO is offering free online access, but am not sure of the details. should give complete information for access.

  31. I know this is old (I just found this site) and I am not a big comcast fan by any stretch of the immagination, but this HBO preview back in May was just for HBO on Demand, right? I got that free for those days and I was thinking the message I got on my cable box telling me about it DID specify that. Maybe I wrong about that last part, but I’m just saying, comcast did give a HBO on Demand free preview those days.

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