HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and EPIX Free Preview

Free Preview Begins: November 25, 2020 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: November 29, 2020 (Sunday)


  • This is not confirmed but Dish Network may be showing some free movie channels
  • Verizon FIOS is having free HBO and Cinemax now until November 30th (Thanks Space!)
  • Cox is also showing this free preview! (Thanks Steve!)

You can catch a free preview of HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime, and EPIX on DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse November 25-29.

Thank you, Michael, Tom, Steven, and Chris, for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

501-560 (DirecTV)



  1. Thank you for the update

  2. Does anyone know if Verizon FoIS is scheduled for any previews coming up

    1. I know Verizon Fios is having a free HBO preview from 11/25- 11/30 for sure. Don’t know about the other channels though.

    2. I feel like we’re always being left out.

    3. I believe they are.

    4. Looks like HBO and Cinemax with their On Demand is available via FiOS.

  3. Thank-you Michael, Tom, Steven, and Chris, and thank-you FPTV staff for quickly sending us an email alert about this free preview.

  4. Does anyone know if YouTube tv will have this too

  5. This is also offered on Comcast/Xfinity with Starz & Epix beginning 11/24, HBO & MAX begin 11/25 & SHOWTIME starts 11/27

  6. Yes !! Fletch and Fletch Lives are going back on my DVR I have a slew of movies to record.

  7. HBO just turned on for me within the last hour on Verizon FiOS in MA!

    I’m not getting Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, or Epix.

    1. Sorry, I’m getting HBO and Cinemax. Not the others.

      1. Yes, me too. Verizon FiOS in northern NJ. Both HBO and Cinemax are unlocked, none of the others.

  8. What channel is free on HBO on cable tv

  9. Anyone else unable to record any of the freeview channels? I get the message that “Your receiver isn’t authorized to record this program”

  10. Like usual, Direct Tv isn’t working yet.

  11. Im not getting anything this morning. This has happened before when last time I lost two days of free preview

  12. No free movies on Directv here in Central Missouri as of 11/25/2020 @ 9:20am.

  13. I’m not getting any channel’s except HBO which I pay for anyway

  14. It’s not working for me. None of the channels comes up at all. If you type the channel in, it tries to make you subscribe to buy it

  15. DirecTV used to always start and end their free previews at 3am Pacific. Now they turn it on at some point during the first day, usually by noon. But they make up for that lateness by turning off the previews at exactly 3am still.

  16. I have cox and it is not showing up on mine

    1. I have Cox too-Not showing any premium channels as advertised

  17. Dish just turned on Encore & Starz

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first free preview of HBO and Cinemax to have been offered since HBO Max launched? The last one anybody has reported to have taken place was in late April, even though HBO has premiered two high-profile originals since that time (“Perry Mason” and “Lovecraft Country”).

    1. The last HBO and Cinemax free preview was May 14-17, prior to HBO Max’s launch. DirecTV always does a freeview of all their movie packages on the Thanksgiving holiday every year.

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