HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for Multiple Providers This Weekend

HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for Multiple Providers This Weekend

Free Preview Begins: April 20, 2018 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: April 23, 2018 (Monday)

There’s a free preview of HBO and Cinemax coming up this weekend, April 20-23 to promote the premiere of the second season of Westworld on HBO. Here’s who we know are participating:

Please let me know in the comments below if your provider is taking part as well so I can get it added to the list. Thank you!


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  1. You can add ATT Uverse to the list, they announced it a couple of days ago via their message board on their service (the app itself has yet to confirm, but it almost always runs behind anyway). Thanks as always for the updates!

    • Looks like they ALWAYS do! Just found this today:

      Free View lets you run the show.

      With so many award-winning premium channels, it’s tough to decide. That’s why we invite Fios TV customers to enjoy a free preview of HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ® and EPIX® for 48 hours each, virtually whenever and wherever you choose. You can preview several at once or watch one at a time over a 12-month period. Either way, we’ll bet you won’t want to wait.

  2. Found these when I was searching Twitter for updates on another provider –

    Sling has the free preview –
    Cincinnati Bell has it –
    Clear Creek Communications –

    MCTV (which apparently serves part of Ohio) has it too –

  3. I just tried with Spectrum and was unable to access any free preview. I’m in New York State. Does anyone know if the free preview is limited to certain areas and/or starts at a certain time? Thank you for your help.

  4. It is nice that they are giving a free preview to promote the second season of Westwood. Too bad they took off season new when I was in the middle of it this weekend. Won’t be ordering HBO any time soon.


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