HBO & Cinemax Free Preview (Multiple Providers)

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Free Preview Begins: February 16, 2018 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: February 19, 2018 (Monday)

There will be an HBO & Cinemax free preview February 16-19 for quite a few providers. Here’s who we know are participating so far.

  • Dish Network
  • DirecTV
  • WOW Cable
  • Yadtel
  • ATMC
  • HTC
  • Frontier
  • Verizon FIOS
  • AT&T U-Verse

Please let me know in the comments below if your provider is taking part as well so I can get it added to the list.

Thank you, Jennifer, Steven, John, OhioGuy, Deb, Jerry, and Rosemary for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.


  1. They should put Xfinity/Comcast on the list for the HBO & Cinemax free preview weekend.

    1. If you have OnDemand, check Cinemax and HBO there. I’m in N.J. and while the actual channels aren’t unblocked, the OnDemand for both are.

      1. Same here down on the gulf coast

  2. Verizon FIOS is also having the preview.

  3. Just got this in an email from Verizon Fios:
    Watch the CINEMAX® Free Preview 2.​1​6-2​.2​0
    Enjoy a 4-day free preview and catch The Mummy and Jason Bourne, along with The Accountant and the new season episodes of Strike Back®. Tune to channels 420 SD or 920 HD to watch.

  4. ATT UVERSE is also having this free preview this weekend! Yay us!

    1. Yea but why didn’t ATT message us about this? They should let people know.

  5. I never see any free previews for Spectrum (Charter), do they ever have them

    1. spectrum just bought out time warner here in maine and everyone’s bill just about doubled with no warning or explanation!

  6. Frontier, too! Saw an ad for it earlier today.

  7. DirecTV doesn’t show on the guide , will they show the lists of movies on the guide during the weekend?

  8. Charter / Spectrum?

  9. When it say through 2/19, does that mean it ends at midnight on the 19th or does it go through 11:59pm on 2/19?

  10. What time does it end on 2/19?

  11. Do you know if comcast/Xfinity will be offering the free preview for HBO or Cinemax or not?????

    1. Not the channels, but the Cinemax and HBO OnDemand are both available for the weekend in N.J. Check the OnDemand.

  12. Sure Hope It Is Something WORTHWHILE!!! It is usually ONE good Movie/Show and the REST IS JUST OUTDATED JUNK…JUNK…JUNK…JUNK!!!!


    1. Check your HBO and Cinemax OnDemand. The channels are blocked, but the OnDemand is free for the weekend.

  14. Optimum has it too.

  15. The Previews usually start at 6am est on the first day (Friday Feb 16) and end 6am est the morning after the last preview day (Tuesday 6am est Feb 20)

  16. According to DSL reports optimum / altice will have the free preview for those in tri-state area

  17. We’ve seen it as early as 12:20am (Fri) and ending the same time (Tues) for VF (est)

  18. What channel on att uverse ?

  19. Comcast / Xfinity has the free preview in the OnDemand section but you have to look for it. They used to feature it on the first screen in OnDemand but now you have to go to:

    OnDemand… Premium channels… HBO dn demand (or MAX on demand)

    Thanks for the heads up on this free preview!

  20. I have Wave Cable… wonder if they have it this weekend???

  21. Spectrum is not on the list.

  22. Saw no mention of streaming services, but Sling TV has the free preview of HBO and Cinemax for the dates noted here.

  23. I am in N.J. and on Comcast Garden State Cable. It wasn’t announced, but we do have Cinemax OnDemand and HBO OnDemand free for the weekend.

  24. I don’t have none of those but to bad Youtube doesn’t have anything like that to watch Cinemax, HBO, and Netflix.
    Can I still get it for free.

  25. Xfinity

  26. I was just wondering I live in Ohio and I can get the channels for HBO and Cinemax but not the on demand are the blocked for us?

  27. can you record with Xfinity? I just switched from Uverse…and I would usually record a bunch of stuff during free preview weekends to watch later.

  28. None of the movies on my list are on HBO/Cinemax yet, but I recorded several 2016/2017 + 2018 movie (Traffic Stop) to see if they’re any good. Really appreciate the free preview weekends – especially when they extend to 4 days (U-verse/SoCal).

  29. Thanks for the notification,!

  30. Free preview ended for me (FiOS NNJ) on Sunday. No free preview on Monday… :-(

  31. When is next week end. For free HBO. And cincamax, starz

  32. Grande Communications is not participating.

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