HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for Many This Weekend







There’s a free preview of HBO & Cinemax happening for many this weekend. Here’s who’s getting it and when:

If you know that your provider is participating and it’s not on the list, please add a comment below and I’ll get it added. Thank you!


  1. any word on comcast yet

  2. Any word on Brighthouse Network

  3. Why doesn’t Optimum Cablevision do this??? Horrible.

  4. RCN

  5. Dear Rep: It would be really nice if you would send an email when there is a free weekend service on a premium channel when in fact it is authentic as in the past I have seen posts on the internet for a weekend of free hbo/max but disappointingly, it was not to be.
    Thank you for considering my suggestion.
    Sincerely, Ted Bortel

  6. Also a Free ON DEMAND marathon on Verizon FIOS from Oct 16 thru the 26th. Apparently ALL Premium Channels Series On Demand will be free for Oct 16 to 19th as well.

  7. So DirecTV sends me a message saying free HBO & Cinemax preview on RIGHT NOW but when I go to channels 500-511 it says I have to order HBO. How do I get to watch it for free this weekend???

  8. Why isn’t directv’s working? Went to check it out and it’s still all blocked out. What time should it start being free for the weekend?

  9. I’m not getting the free preview either (from Verizon), even though we’re supposed to. It is the 16th, isn’t it?

  10. DirecTV previews start and end at 3am Pacific. The preview hasn’t started yet.

  11. Free HBO & Cinemax on comcast on demand. Just noticed it.

  12. Comcast doing it on demand only

  13. We have the Cinemax, but not HBO preview weekend, for DirecTv. We’re EST and it’s 9:30 a.m. Maybe certain markets get both an others don’t?

  14. Blue ridge communications???

  15. Hey, I DO NOT have HBO channels free this weekend!! Why? I have Cinemax though. Not much on those 4 channels. Can this be fixed, before I don’t have the whole day?

  16. Never get the free weekend with this Company.

  17. Needs to get on this.

  18. I read that free HBO is on WAVE this weekend? But it is not on WAVE HBO channel 401????

  19. On Verizon Free Previews lately (I’m in Harrisburg,PA) they don’t activate the channels, only the On Demand. HBOgo and MaxGo are also active.

  20. I have DirecTV, its not on! Is this false advertising?

  21. TDS has it free preview

  22. Is on demand included in the free preview?

  23. […] you have a cable/dish subscription, make sure to check your guides this weekend for a possible FREE HBO & Cinemax Preview! Subscribers to DIRECTV, Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse, and Dish will be able to preview HBO and […]

  24. I have the Free HBO/Cinemax Preview plus the On Demand Marathon

  25. I used to have Verizon Fios at my old house. Loved the many free premier channel weekends. Now I have no choice other than Brighthouse. Wish Brighthouse would have free weekends when the other major companies do. It’s a monopoly though so I suppose they don’t need to.

  26. Comcast is previewing cinemax because I have been catching up on Banshee on cinemax on demand all weekend.

  27. Comcast in New England is participating in the HBO freebie.

  28. […] your TV and guides this weekend where you may be getting a FREE HBO & Cinemax Preview! This is for subscribers of DIRECTV, Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse, and […]

  29. What time do free trial end midnight or later? Im eastern time btw

  30. […] forget to check out HBO and Cinemax during their free preview period.  More details can be found here.  Valid through October […]

  31. This isn’t the tech forum for your providers, so you will need to call them directly. Sorry to disappoint you there, folks.

    My provider isn’t participating, and I’m okay with that, because I didn’t watch the premium channels when I previously had them. Fewer channels for my kids to complain about nothing being on, lol

  32. Too bad I missed the whole weekend of HBO and Cinemax free preview until last night on Uverse. Normally they send out messages about free previews but not this time. Oh well, so a few good movies.

  33. I just figured it out, for comcast as well…. I wish they would tell people and I wish they would give the dates.

  34. If they want people to see how these channels are it would be a good thing. I can not show my better half, or other family members if I wanted to now…. SO OOPS SHAME ON YOU COMCAST…….THAT’S LOST BUSINESS FOR YOU

  35. Got the preview weekend but cox only has the main one and outermax CH. for the free view weekend on cox.

    Hbo we got all 8 channels this weekend.

    Binge watching this weekend The Brink starring Jack Black

  36. Just found out about the free preview. Too bad it is the last night. I wish I got a text.

  37. I got it on dish this weekend hbo on dish is chanel 300

  38. I have time warner cable. Any free cinamax trial for me?

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