HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for Many This Weekend







Update 9/4/14 – Comcast Xfinity will be taking part in this free preview as well.

There’s a free preview of HBO and Cinemax happening on many providers this weekend to promote the final season of Boardwalk Empire which premieres Sunday night. Use the links for more details on each free preview.

DirecTV (September 5-8)

Dish Network (September 5-8)

Verizon FIOS (September 5-8)

AT&T U-Verse (September 5-8)

RCN (September 5-9)

Consolidated Communications (September 5-8)

If you don’t see your provider and you’ve heard they are showing this free preview, please leave a comment below so I can update the list. Thank you for everyone’s tips!


  1. FYI for those AT&T customers looking to get some good movies on your DVR – the Uverse box will not allow you to record anything, and we confirmed this with AT&T customer service this morning! How frustrating!

  2. Nothing for cox communications lol.they.dont care about customers watching shows of final seasons

  3. Optimum never offers free previews. Selfish lousy cable

  4. Received in email from Xfinity TV on 9/1.

    HBO® and Cinemax® Free Preview Weekend
    XFINITY® TV customers can watch HBO® and Cinemax® for FREE this weekend with XFINITY On Demand™. Enjoy favorites like Boardwalk Empire®, The Leftovers and BansheeSM. Plus, hit movies like 12 Years a Slave and more.
    Watch for Free This Weekend »

  5. Any word yet if Xfinity comcast will be part of this weekend

  6. Thanks Cid! Did they list the start and end dates?

  7. See cox is the only one not doing

  8. Thanks Cid

  9. Thanks If I had to rely on Verizon, I’d never know about anything, or at best I’d know about it too late to do anything about it.

  10. Frontier????

  11. To admin i found on line that the xfinity freeview is from Sep 5th to sep 9th on demand only for both cinemax and hbo the info can be found on Check out the Hbo cinemax free preview online

  12. I thought Comcast xfinity was included, but I’m not getting free anything.

  13. @Paul, hey why don’t you just stop being so cheap and just subscribe to HBO then. You seem to moan and whine everytime that a round of Free Previews come around. Just because Cox Communications isn’t giving you free handouts doesn’t mean that we need to hear the bashing of them. I see 2 posts in a span of 3 hours total time. Get a life already. Maybe go outside and do something that doesn’t require a TV…

  14. Verizon is offering another HBO FreeView weekend Sept. 5-8. However it appears as of 4am eastern time Sept 5th the on demand feature isn’t included. Anybody else?

  15. DirecTV is also showing Sundance and this Sunday NFL Sunday Ticket (702-719) with new fantasy zone channel.

  16. To AnnJ:

    Thanks If I had to rely on Verizon, I’d never know about anything, or at best I’d know about it too late to do anything about it.

    Verizon Shysters…


  18. What time does it start? It’s not free right now…

  19. I’m in texas, with Verizon Fios, and Cinemax is not viewable. I have HBO, but not Cinemax.
    I called Customer service, and the representative said that she wasn’t showing anything other than a discount to subscribe.

  20. Wow john i.didnt know this was a cyberbullying site

  21. **I am subscribed to HBO, but not Cinemax, btw. Just to clear that up.^^^**

  22. Note to Nina C:
    I have U-Verse and I just recorded and watched a show. I have set it up to record a bunch of movies this weekend! Sorry you are unable to do the same. :(

  23. Are the dates for RCN correct? I thought it ended on Sept 8.

  24. reina i got free at 6 am central this mourning

  25. Chris Bradley do you have Comcast as well?I’m still not getting free anything. I had to call Comcast the last time they gave a free preview of Showtime. Looks like I may have to call again :(

  26. Doesn’t work in HBOGO for me on Uverse or DirecTV. Both services say it’s because I’m not a subscriber to HBO.

  27. I have Comcast (and aTiVo) and it’s free on demand stuff, but the channels are shut off. (I think MaxGo and HBOGo are working, too)

  28. @nina that customer service representative is full of shit. You’re always allowed to record movies and access on demand during free preview weekends on uverse.

  29. Thanx Chris B. and Sittininlab, I do get free “on demand” Cinemax and HBO :)

  30. It is only on Demand not the actual channels. Also it is only for xfinity customers. I am not sure if Verizon Fios gets it even though it has a connection with Comcast.

  31. ATMC Brunswick county NC

  32. Welp, once again no Brighthouse (Orlando,FL area)

  33. Is anyone else amazed at how frequent these free previews are now?

    Cinemax was free last month. Now they are free again?

    Is this the new tactic to build subs now, to give free previews all the time?

  34. I have TWC and they are giving us ONE channel of HBO – HBOHD. TWC is ever so generous. Not.

  35. Hey Nina, you’re full of crap or your DVR needs to be changed. EVERYTIME they have a free preview you can record. You can’t record UNTIL THE PREVIEW STARTS. IF YOU TRY TO SET UP RECORDING BEFORE THE PREVIEW STARTS IT SAYS YOU CANT RECORD CHANNELS NOT SUBSCRIBED TO. I bet that’s exactly what you tried to do. You probably tried to set up recordings before the preview started. I have uverse and have recorded several movies already and watched them. I will keep them on my DVR and watch them past the preview as well as they will always be accessible.


  37. all hbo channels free this weekend with astound cable in San Francisco.

  38. When does it end?

  39. I might be missing something, but I am a Comcast-Xfinity customer and I did not get a Cinemax “free preview” at all this weekend. And it’s already Sunday night (11:00pm, been checking since Friday night). Am I doing it wrong or what?

  40. I, too, didn’t get the free weekend HBO & MAX free weekend. It also happened another time but I called and they “turned it on” for me. This time I was away and set up the shows to record. Didn’t happen. Was not aware you had to set up the recordings during the free period. This was for Xfinity Comcast in San Francisco.

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