HBO & Cinemax Free Preview This Weekend on DirecTV

Free Preview Begins: June 20, 2014 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: June 23, 2014 (Monday)

cyeho_0There’s a free HBO & Cinemax free preview coming to DirecTV, June 20-23 to promote the season premiere of the last season of True Blood.

Thank you Steve for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

501 – 511 – HBO
515 – 523 – Cinemax



  1. Any chance cox gets this as well.if not.oh.well

  2. Dish gets free HBO June 27-30.

  3. communication s

  4. What about at&t uverse??

  5. at&t uverse HBO & Cinimax free June 13-15,Showtime free June 20=22, Starz Encore free June 27-29

  6. Any.reply.on.cox communication getting this preview anyone know

  7. Look at the notice above this one on the main page, Paul. Cox gets the preview the following weekend.

  8. Anyone know what time of day this will begin on the 20th and end on the 23rd? Seems like I remember a 6am start time and an end time of 6am the morning after the end day.

  9. Be nice if it played cuz

  10. DirecTV website says that the free preview weekend for HBO Cinema and Star was June 14 – 17, 2014. I didn’t get it.

  11. DirecTV free previews always start and end at 6 AM Eastern, so you have it right.

  12. Will we be able to access HBO on demand during the free trial?

  13. Is this on for you guys?

  14. Just out of curiosity, is anyone else still getting this free preview? I’m not complaining or anything, but I just find it odd that I’m still getting the free preview of HBO & Cinemax a week later.

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