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Freeview Fest on Bright House

Free Preview Begins: March 26, 2015 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: April 30, 2015 (Thursday)

Bright House will be having a Freeview Fest the end of this month running into April. Here’s what customers will be able to watch:

Thank you Chuck for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about a free preview? Let FreePreview.TV know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.

Bright House


  1. It says above that MLB extra Innings is supposed to air until the end of April, why are you only running it for 1 week?

  2. Why are are there so many days of free previews for TV Japan and not more days of other premium. Channels?

  3. With what bright house is charging for their services they should really allow more then a 3 free preview once in awhile.SMH=Shaking My Head. The fact that they control most of the cable,Internet and telephone services in my area is why the general public hasn’t much choice but to bite the bullet. But if something as reliable ever comes to pass I think they will quickly start rethinking their policies for the way they promote their services.

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