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Freecember On Demand

Free Preview Begins: Now
Free Preview Ends: December 31, 2020 (Thursday)

Comcast Xfinity is having a “Freecember” promotion where they’re showing On Demand content for free all during the month of December. It’s something new every day anywhere from a single episode to a whole season.

I’m not sure how to access this promotion so if someone who has Xfinity can comment, that would be much appreciated :)

Thanks so much to Pomp who sent this in!


  1. Freecember 2020 is on-demand under For You. It appears to be standard 1 episode free previews
    together with Full seasons. It can be accessed with voice remote under Free December.
    Its a calendar of the month that can work with past, present and future day dates.

  2. It will show up on your On Demand Browser under “For You” tab.

  3. You go to “On Demand” on your X1 set top box and it’s there. There are 31 “boxes” for each day in December where each has a free preview or season of a show. it’s kind of lame since a lot of it is normally free to X1 customers anyway.

  4. You can also watch from the Xfinity website also known as “Xfinity Stream” or from your Xfinity Flex device.

  5. can someone lists the days and shows please?
    for non x1 boxes it doesn’t tell us, but we still get it usually. thanks.

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