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Free Previews This Weekend

There are a ton of free previews this weekend and I want to make sure no one misses out!

DirecTV has a free preview of BabyFirst TV which started on May 7th (Thursday) and will end on May 10th (Sunday). DirecTV subscribers can also enjoy a free preview of HBO and Cinemax starting on May 8 (Friday) and running through May 12 (Tuesday).

Verizon FIOS is having a free preview of HBO for one-day only – Sunday, May 10th.

Comcast has a free preview of HBO starting May 10 (Sunday) running through May 13 (Wednesday).

Many providers is having a free preview of HBO for the Alzheimer’s Project documentary series from May 10 (Sunday) through May 12 (Tuesday).

Enjoy your free preview filled weekend!


  1. Thanks for the alert.

  2. There wasn’t free HBO for Verizon Fios today. Not sure what happened. :(

  3. no free hbo on comcast as of 11pm sunday night :(

  4. Fios preview consisted of HBO and HBO west, no on demand, nor any of their other 31 channels. Went active @ 11am EST.

  5. Thanks for the info Tofer!

  6. Dicsovered the preview by accident on Direct TV…Thanks to this GREAT website I can know about future previews.!!!

  7. lol @ the guy expecting HBO to open up their archives and let you watch anything on HBO on demand for free!

  8. Little late, but we didn’t get this on dish network. I was so hoping though, but as usual letdown.

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