Free Previews of Cinemax and Starz This Weekend

It’s a big free preview weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to get everything in one place. Click the links for more details on each free preview.

Update 8/8/14 – Time Warner Cable is also showing a free preview of EPIX right now in addition to the free preview of Starz. No end date has been confirmed. Thanks Ant!

Free Preview of Cinemax








The big free preview happening this weekend is for Cinemax to promote the series premiere of The Knick.  This free preview will be happening August 8-11 on DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FIOS, and Xfinity Comcast.

Free Preview of Starz






There’s a smaller free preview of Starz going on this weekend to promote the series premiere of Outlander. You can catch this free preview August 8-10 on Time Warner Cable and August 8-11 on Verizon FIOS.


  1. DirecTV also is showing Sundance channel 557.

  2. why do i only have the 3 cinemax channels and sundance free?? i have direct tv.

  3. My town’s own cable SELCO in Shrewsbury, MA is NOT offering the free weekend. Claims it was not offered to them…

  4. No Starz or Encore on my DirecTV dish either, just the “for ordering information call ext. 721” text.

  5. I have 3 Cinemax an sundance only , what preview ?

  6. Oh, wait … I see now. The Starz preview is only on Time Warner and Verizon.

    Maybe they shouldn’t have been combined into one post after all …?

  7. Do we need to do a reset ?

  8. i agree kim… and cinemax is showing old movies and repeat, repeat. that’s why i don’t buy any of them. boo hoo.

  9. I dont have epix and I got time Warner

  10. My timewarner free preview of starz isn’t working wtf

  11. Time Warner Cable appears to also be possibly doing an unannounced free preview of Showtime. Unless someone really screwed up at TWC here in Ohio. We’ve got the Starz free preview but I’m also getting Showtime (just the main Showtime channel) and everything in Showtime on Demand is showing up free (same as with Starz on Demand).

  12. Is there a way to be advised in advance of these events? I either find out after the fact or at the last minute.

    I’d like some time to see what each station has to know if I’d like to add a channel. I have netflix & was really about to cancel cable altogether since I can get antenna for stations then beam from my computer to TV from Net if I did that unless there were something special on one of the movie channels. My bill is really high as it is now with Net & everything else with Cable connection.

    Will showtime be doing anything soon? I’m with Comcast.

  13. BTW, I’ve been with comcast since they started many years ago in another State so over the years they have made a fortune off of me lol I like the company & have thought of even investing in the stock perhaps getting rid of some of my Apple I got at $4 many years ago & moving some of that to Comcast. I personally didn’t want the split on AAPL since we already had one and I got in not at the lowest but $4 to well over $500 was not bad. I would maybe buy if Comcast did a split tho.

  14. I would have loved Starz this weekend, but got nothing, because we already get Cinemax. Typical.

  15. Why do I have the preview on 11th

  16. I have twc but I’m not getting epix free preview I just have the sound no video and starz is still free.

  17. Your ad says “This weekend” but does not list the dates. It is now 8/14 – is it over?? A little more info please…

  18. Thanks for this web site. I get notification by email and I caught Cinemax last weekend on Comcast for free. So nice!

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