Free Preview of Showtime on DirecTV & AT&T U-Verse

Free Preview of Showtime on DirecTV & AT&T U-Verse

Free Preview Begins: March 23, 2018 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: March 25, 2018 (Sunday)

There will be a free preview of Showtime on DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse March 23-25 to promote the season 3 premiere of Billions.

Thank you, Mike, Dave, Tom, Jerry, and Deb for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.


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    • I’m one of the ones who reported it originally, and reported that it was through Sunday 03/25. Maybe the other people reporting it said 03/26? Don’t know, but my DirecTV on-screen guide says 03/25.

  1. I’ve changed the end date to 3/25. I got a few tips that it ended on 3/25 and a few on 3/26. If it goes another day we’ll consider it a bonus :)

  2. Why can’t I use the On Demand for Showtime series during the free weekend this time? I used to binge watch a season, but now it says the episode cost $!
    Wanted to catch up on Homeland!


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