Free Preview of Starz for Cox Customers

Free Preview Begins: July 15, 2010 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: July 18, 2010 (Sunday)

There’s a free preview of Starz for Cox customers starting today (July 15th) and ending on Sunday (July 18th).

Like most Cox Communication free previews, the local Cox affiliates make the final decision on whether to actually show the free preview. Please help others out by commenting below if you are getting this free preview! If you aren’t – call your local Cox and let them know how you feel about it :)

Thank you John for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.

Cox Communications


  1. Not ava\ilable in the Hampton Roads (Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Va. Beach) area of Virginia.

  2. Cox Cable here in Phoenix, Arizona, is pretty good about showing free previews, including this one. What they’re not good about is making their customers aware of them. I found this one by accident, as I have found them all in the past. You’d think that because free previews could increase their revenue, they would let their customers know about them.

  3. Not available in Orange County, CA.

  4. Cox in San Diego is really good. I was notified though email. Free previews are okay I guess. Not much of a variety of good movies though. I see better ones on the guide channel when I don’t have Starz.

  5. Shown in Tucson but zero notification from Cox

    Why wouldn’t the local cable companies publicize these better so as to potentially attract more revenue?

    They send me numerous, endless mailed advertising about their internet phone services, but can’t notify me about a free preview where I might possibly order service.


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