Free Preview of Starz for AT&T U-verse

Free Preview Begins: December 24, 2011 (Saturday)
Free Preview Ends
: December 25, 2011 (Sunday)

AT&T U-verse is having a free preview of Starz over Christmas weekend, December 24-25.

Thank you Elias and Brandon for sending this into me!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider for your channel lineup.

AT&T U-verse


  1. Is there a time that this free preview begins today because I received the preview notice but I still can’t view the channels.

  2. Same comment as Rebecca above,,, channels are not coming thru. I followed the directions but it is not working.

  3. I got the same message, I found Uverse Preview: Starz on BUZZ 300 playing Salt, Toy Story 3, Soul Surfer, and a couple more, but my STARZ channels aren’t free either.

  4. I just call support and it say’s you have to reboot the box then the channels should work trying mine now

  5. Rebooted both boxes and still nothing

  6. What a rip…Been waiting to preview Starz all day and still nothing. Got the message when I turned on my cable box this morning and it has not kicked in yet. I did not have this problem with the free HBO preview…

  7. I just had a long chat with A T & T and only 902, 903,932, 933 and 300 are free.

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