Free Preview of Starz & Encore for Some This Weekend

Most of the providers had a free preview of Starz last week but there are few that are having it this weekend and next week. Here’s a round-up of where you can watch.

  • Bright House is showing a free preview of Starz and Encore April 3-6.
  • Mediacom still has their free Starz & Encore running now until April 6.
  • The free preview of Starz and Encore will also be on Cox April 3-6.
  • The Starz and Encore free preview will also be on Comcast Xfinity April 6-12.
  • Midcontinent will also be having a free preview of Starz & Encore April 3-6.

Please leave a comment if you know of anyone who I’m missing. Thanks to everyone for all their tips!


  1. I only want to receive notifications for a specific cable provider. In other words I — JUST LIKE >EVERYONE< ELSE!!!! — only have one cable provider. Why is this so hard to understand?????

  2. It is unbearably difficult to open an e-mail to see what one’s provider is making available.
    It’s soooo much easier just to annoy the nice people who are providing a useful service and asking nothing in return.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket!
    Let’s all just complain about the nice folks at FreePreview.TV who keep us apprised of free offerings, even when our own carriers neglect to do so.

  3. Midcontinent notified me they have free preview of Starz & Encore 4/3 -4/6

  4. A reasonable request for improvement, however annoyed the requestor, should not be the subject of flames. I agree with the request, Free apps are constantly improved and user suggestions are welcome.

  5. AA040371 and Commentator: When I signed up for notifications, I specified my provider. Were you not able to do that? However, I thought that I had missed one message, so I changed it to “all.” The message itself tells you which providers are covered. You don’t have to go to the website. It takes a split second.

    Freepreview.tv is one of the most useful and helpful websites in existence! I only wish that I could contribute more. If Verizon tells its viewers about a preview at all, it’s usually after it has started. They used to send out a publication with that information (well hidden inside) and I was able to pass it on to Freepreview.tv. But obviously they can no longer afford to do so, as they cannot afford to give us The Weather Channel any longer (really).

    Anyway, long live Freepreview.tv. I agree with Really. I’m very grateful to it and to the contributors, and I think it works extremely well.

  6. Thank you Char!

    AA – you are more than welcome to unsubscribe from the emails if you find them too bothersome.

    Feedburner and the email subscription service does not make it easy to provide that option. I can certainly look into other options but as I don’t make much with this site and it’s not my full-time job, there’s only so much I can do.

    I do very much appreciate feedback but I only really take it to heart if it’s presented in a respectable manner.

  7. AA suffers from a First World Problem!!!

  8. Ha ha .. are you serious? one of the most helpfull websites in existance? Omg they must be paying you! I’m not saying its bad and I like that they are telling me this.. BUT free preview also said FREE starz this weekend.. without even putting the date under this weekend??? i dont care if i got the email “BEFORE THIS WEEKEND” they couldnt take the “SPLIT SECOND” to tell us what this weekend means, under the heading? and ive taken atleast 20 minutes out of my time all week checking on this … OH and then your spilt second.. changed for comcast.. in other words comcast was included all week long,, now it says “some providers” and now comcast is next week? I dont know if I like the site yet .. really you think a split second? HA? wrong.. maybe they should fire whoever is giving us mis information.. or maybe they are not paying the right persin enough money to do the work because free preview wants to be cheap to their employees.. either way I DO NOT LIKE misinformation.. been waiting all week because i have comcast and said to self “wow what a cool site ” NOT! help me .. make me change my mind because I have spent now a half hour of my week on this and for what?

  9. Sad. You’re getting FREE previews! This is a luxury service. They didn’t have to make this site to help you find the info easier. In fact it is likely on all of your bills anyways! Calm down. Get off of your high horse. Unsubscribe if it’s not efficient enough for you. And figure it out the old fashion way! Ugh. “Make me change my mind.” Lol. Pathetic.

  10. The preview site is cool.

    Thank You for sharing!

  11. Is the cox free preview on demand only?

  12. Encore hasn’t started for Cox

  13. Great service. So what if I have to click a couple of times to find out if my provider is included. I have to do so anyway to put it on my Outlook schedule. Quit being lazy and try to appreciate the free service available to you.

  14. I’m on Cox and we got the Stars preview, but no Encore.

  15. I have Comcast in N.J., and our OnDemand freebie also includes (for what little it’s worth, ha) The Movie Channel.

    Also, I love this website. I’m delighted that it’s available. And I am not a compensated endorser. ;-)

  16. I thought Comcast subscribers get a free preview of Starz this week. But when I try to watch anything, I get a message to call Comcast to add this package to my cable service. How is this free?

  17. This is a free service this month. There are several 20-25 year old movies to watch. So what, my cable bill is $200+ per month, this is still the bomb. I haven’t seen some of these movies since I was a teenager bobbing the pretty girl in H.S. Thanks to the Walden family for Peggy, LaGrange IL.
    The little baby girl we made is over 18 now and she’s bobbing herself! thank God! round and round we go.

  18. No I don’t like green eggs and Ham!

  19. I have Comcast Xfinity and we are not getting the FREE Starz or Encore. I’d like to know why??

  20. I have Comcast Xfinity today is May, 30,15 Thurs.This morning I was channel surfing and ended up on a Channel Indieplex Ch. 513 As I continue to surf Im seeing all these Movie Channels I never use. or subscribe to.All working movies. A whole list of Encore Starz etc. Im not an avid TV person, so I never bother with Movie Channels. But here they are. A whole slew of them. Are these all Previews?? Comcast shows under Indiplex you have to have Digital Plus. All I know is that I have TriplePlay No HD Basic Package No Frills
    Any feedback would be appreciated
    Thank You

  21. OOPs Big Mistake Previous Comment I mean today is APRIL 30 !! Not May 30
    My BAd

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