Free Preview of Starz & Encore for DirecTV

Free Preview Begins: January 14, 2010 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends
: January 17, 2010  (Sunday)

There will be a free preview of Starz and Encore for DirecTV customers from January 14 to January 17. You can find the channel guide for this free preview below.

Thank you Shawn for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

520 – Starz (East)
521 – Starz (West)
522 – Starz Edge
523 – Starz In Black
526 – Starz – Encore (East)
527 – Starz – Encore (West)
528 – Starz – Encore Love
529 – Starz – Encore Westerns
530 – Starz – Encore Mystery
531 – Starz – Encore Drama
532 – Starz – Encore Action
533 – Starz – Encore Wam



  1. Thank you Shawn!

  2. We just cancelled our Starz subscription LOL

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. Wouldn’t have known cos there’s no banner and no messages. Big secret I guess. Hope it stays longer like the last one did.

  4. I must have checked here 5 times last week for a movie channel preview. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I checked here so much lately hoping lol and yeh I have been away a bit and then I stumbled across the preview today hope I didn’t miss too much yesterday :( I hope it last longer like last time too….actually since the spartacus thing premieres on the 22nd I thought MAYBE til then but that is wishful thinking I guess *L*

  6. its sunday and they still show the free preview not complaining nore i know i will not get billed but to the ones who want it to last longer fyi oder starz packege

  7. You would think the channel programmers would put more recent movies on the free preview. I will not order STARZ based on the movies shown this weekend. I can see every movie shown this weekend on AMC, TBS, or USA.

  8. I agree about the terrible selection of movies. usually these guys go all out on a free preview weekend but the lineups were lame. I dvr’ed about 10 hrs worth but was out of 1000’s of hours over the 10 plus channels. does anyone remember the last time directv had a hbo/skinmax freeview? its usually once or twice a year but the last I remember was 52 weeks ago or so.

  9. preview ended at 6am this morning. kinda disappointed in the movies they show. Most of the movies were old.

  10. The preview of Starz really SUCKED. Very old mediocre films with a few recent mediocre films thrown in. I was very dissapointed. If they were trying to attract subscribers, they actually may have lost a few……

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