1. TWC said no free Encore for this weekend to me. :(

    1. i dont know if these free channels are for the week of april which are way past or november which is what it is now. no notice of free channels. whats the point. if people arent aware of the free channels why bother? i think they dont want us aware because when the free trial is up then well have to pay for it. ive seen it before. im sorry spectrum i do no trust u.

  2. What name or company is Cincinnati Bell Fiber optics listed under during these free weekends.

  3. Cox is not doing it I see

  4. As usual TWC is canine excrement and can’t offer Encore for a free week as well… Such wankers

  5. Verizon FIOS has been take over by Frontier Communications in Florida. Will they be on your list of providers? Thanks.

  6. I do not see it offered on Comcast but they are having their Watch-a-Thon week later this month…maybe that is why?

  7. DirecTV I sure appreciate the free previews that you give us. We are new to Direct TV since November 2015 and we are very happy we thank you for everything you do

  8. 1 movie on Starz preview! Really????

  9. AT&T UVerse has free Starz and Encore April 7-11

  10. In last months bill from TWC said Fri-Sunday not starting on the 7th but the 8th

  11. I don’t see STARZ on my TWC.

  12. TWC sent emails saying subscribers get STARZ free preview. But I called in and they said only with box. I don’t use box and of course they know that but sent me email on free preview anyway. FALSE advertising and I know they could make it happen thru internet with cable sign in but……it’s TWC.

  13. Our cable company tells us we have to have a box. I reset my channels and then I get all the free channels with no problem, you just have to find them. I start on the last channel and usually find them.

  14. I’m watching Guardians of the Galaxy on Stars freeview.

  15. google fiber in kansas city

  16. Dishtv did it last week

  17. We are supposed to get this for free w no prob and no questions abt any other services offered such as digital ph and the constant replay of the same movies over and over again, on every channel and at anytime of the day!! Redbox is more up to date and a recent movie only costs 1.62 per night versus what you charge!!!

  18. I have TWC in NYC and I do have it.

  19. Cox Communications never offers the free weekends, when they are available per your websites. Please advise. I have been unable to get any of the opportunities

  20. Thank you for not letting us know about the free preview for the 3rd damn time..stupid TWC

  21. I have it and it’s been on since the 8th on TWC in Orange County.

  22. why does all the comments refer to the week of april being free when this is late november?

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