Free Preview of Showtime for Tons of Providers

Free Preview Begins: January 11, 2013 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: January 13, 2013  (Sunday)

Update 1/3/13 – Dish Network is now only offering the free preview of Showtime January 12-13.

Showtime is having a huge free preview weekend January 11-13 on AT&T, Cable One, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, Dish Network, Mediacom, Time Warner Cable, Suddenlink, and Verizon.

Thank you Wendy for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider


  1. Usually for Showtime, and Comcast they only let you see the On-Demand Showtime stuff because Comcast is so cheap!

  2. This will be a first for me watching a free preview of Showtime on Dish Network. I think it should be for more than 2 days.

  3. Comcast is always giving away Showtime free for 3 months.

  4. Will Dish subscribers be able to get access to Showtime on demand? Gotta watch my Dexter!

  5. Does anyone know what time this free weekend starts? Is it 12 midnight on Jan. 11 or?

  6. Will directv have access to on demand? Is it possible to record shows from on demand to your Dvr ?

  7. TW but not Brighthouse?!?! We never seem to get any previews worth a damn.

  8. @Yanks – on my Directv dvr, I can record on demand, but once the “subscription” ends, it won’t let you watch it. It asks for a license.

  9. @dru thanks. That stinks.

  10. “Randy” was right — Comcast is carrying the “freeview” (as they call it) on OnDemand only. Well, it’s better than nothing, I guess.

  11. So far, no preview on AT&T Uverse as of 12:55 p.m. CST.

  12. Charter advertised this preview, but you now don’t show it, what happened?

  13. I have AT&T Uverse and can’t access Showtime even though it’s already past 3pm on Jan 11 – anyone know what’s going on?

  14. No preview on Cox :(

  15. Verizon FIOS Got them all up and Runnning.

  16. With Suddenlink, can watch Showtime through On Demand only.

  17. suddenlink advertised that there would be free preview weekend Jan. 11-13. what a RIP! they don’t give a channel to look on. They are full of crap!

  18. No free preview on Cox in Las Vegas. I even wrote to Cox on Friday, and they assured me that Showtime OnDemand was having a free preview weekend. Just tried it again, and nothing is free. No movies. No shows.

  19. There was no Showtime preview for Cox in Santa Barbara.

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