Free Preview of Showtime for Many Providers

Free Preview Begins: January 7, 2011 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: January 10, 2011  (Monday)

It looks like there’s going to be a free preview of Showtime for quite a few providers from January 7th to January 10th.

I blogged previously about the free preview of Showtime for DirecTV and Charter and it looks like some Comcast and Cox affiliates will be taking part as well. If you know that your provider will be participating and you don’t see it listed, please leave a comment below.

Here’s the schedule for the Showtime free preview.

Thank you Ralph and Navist for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about a free preview? Let FreePreview.TV know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider.




  1. I do not know if Verizon FiOS is going to eventually participate, but I sure wish it would. Perhaps the “competitive pressure” of knowing Comcast will take part will move Verizon to capitulate.

  2. Time Warner San Diego is carrying it but, only Showtime OD, and not the linear channels. I believe Comcast is only carrying the VOD channels.

  3. Here’s the message sent to Comcast Set-Top boxes


    January 7th – 9th, Catch the premiers of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Californication, and the new original Series Shameless with a free SHOW preview! Go to On Demand/Premium Channels/SHO On Demand.

  4. Verizon Fios is participating. Received the email from Verizon Member Services last night about this preview. Happy watching!

  5. Verizon Fios:
    The SHOWTIME® Free Preview : Jan 7 – Jan 10

    See why SHOWTIME is America’s Hottest Premium Network! Starting Friday, you can watch hit series, movies and sports – FREE all weekend. Go to Ch. 365 or 865 for HD.

  6. Cox in Phoenix is not showing this free preview.

  7. Great.. both of your links go to Comcast instead of one going ot Cox ?

  8. Comcast here ….. no preview

  9. Today free Showtime began (1/7/11). I can view Showtime but I can not view the Video On Demand portion of Showtime. I have FIOS and they said on my Facebook that I could view VOD this weekend. I am so looking forward to watching Dexter. I have tried calling Verizon (on hold forever) and Showtime (only computer to talk to and they couldn’t understand what I wanted.

  10. So far showtime is still blocked out on Comcast.

  11. I was told by Suddenlink that there was going to be a free Showtime preview from Jan 7 to Jan 10. It is NOT coming up on our Suddenlink? How come?

  12. If you DVR a movie, will it still be available after the preview period?


    Thank you for the Misinformation.

    Keep on spreading false Rumors.

  14. 5:10pm and still no ShowTime on comcast. I can get the VOD but not the standard or HD channel feeds. Still Blocked

  15. I have a question, is this free preview just for Showtime and its multiplex channels or are all of the Showtime networks (The Movie Channel and Flix included) in this?

    BTW, I have noticed that for this free preview that they used different ratings bumpers for some of the Showtime channels than they normally do, ones that don’t feature promo announcer Bill St. James’ voiceover.

  16. so far none of your “free previews” have panned to be true for Comcast in the Atlanta area.

  17. I have comcast and on demand is working but not the channel

  18. Thanks for all the updates everyone!

    Those of you how have Comcast – Comcost corporate is offering the free preview of Showtime. They offer all the local affiliates the opportunity to show the free preview. If you have Comcast and you’re not seeing the free preview, then it’s on the decision of your local Comcast affiliate. I suggest letting them know how you feel and that you want your free previews.

  19. I’m in Atlanta, was only receiving it On Demand. Called the Comcast office and asked for the free preview. She said she sent a signal to my box and it should be working in 15 minutes. Try it!

  20. with the high cost of programming
    “200 stations and theres still nothing on” ….its the least they can do..
    fire up you DVR….

  21. To all on Comcast:
    I had the same thoughts, then remembered the free preview is for Showtime On Demand ONLY.


  22. On DirecTV the free preview includes all of the Showtime networks.

    If you record a movie on your DVR, it’ll still be there after the preview has completed.

  23. I just called Comcast Santa Clara. They’re not offering free preview live, but we can access SHO On Demand with no problem.

  24. Comcast in MN does not have free preview of Showtime. The Showtime channels are still blocked and I can’t find anything on my Comcast home page about a free preview.

  25. I’m in the DC area with FIOS and can’t the on Demand either. So frustrating! Anyone find out what’s going on? I really love the series. I don’t care that much about the movies.

  26. No free preview for Dish customers figures.

  27. here in Philadelphia….showtime is available on Comcast but ON-DEMAND only!

    so everyone try On-Demand on premium channels on comcast.

  28. I am in Chicago and can only receive Showtime via the Online Demand feature.
    I called the Comcast office at its 800 number. After some time the representative found something he read saying: only available On Demand and on line…no individual Showtime channels.

  29. Comcast in Mass. has On Demand only . . . bummer

  30. No preview. Contacted Comcast. Got runaround. Total bullsh*t!

  31. I can see the all the Showtime live channels, but when I try to access the On Demand channel so I can catch up on season 5 of Dexter, it blocks it. What’s up with that?

  32. Comcast in eastern Indiana has Showtime OD only available free. I don’t think they started on Friday…noticed it was available this afternoon.

  33. I have Insight Communications in Ky and they’re doing the free preview. But when I signed up, I already got it for free for a year.

  34. Armstrong Cable Co. in not participating.

  35. I got Showtime free for 3 months! With Comcast!

  36. Hey xfinity or Concast Customers Showtime Free Preview is only Showtime On Demand.

  37. Have email saying Charter would have Showtime free preview weekend and Showtime ON DEMAND would be included. I can only get the free showtime and No ON DEMAND. Have contacted Charter 3 different times and they say There is suppose to be free showtime ondemand this weekend but theyI keep getting a runaround that they are trying to “Fix” it and then trying to set me up with a “Service Call” that would cost me money to fix it. I am starting to think the whole thing was a scam to try and “sneak” money out of folks.

  38. No preview here in Central PA. Can’t say I missed much but sure would have liked to have seen it.

    We checked and didn’t get SOD.

  39. I don’t know how true this might be for anybody else, but it’s Tuesday and I’m still getting the Showtime free preview (on DirecTV).

  40. Oregon here and yes, still have the channels. They usually seem to leave it an extra day or at least in this area.

  41. Northern California here and we’re still getting Showtime on DirecTV. We never get extra days when we have the freebies (invariably it’ll quit in the middle of a movie! ;-) Wonder how long it’ll last…too bad there hasn’t been very much worth watching!

  42. Here in Los Angeles we are still getting free Showtime on Tuesday at 4:55pm PST. So thankful as I just cancelled Showtime after Dexter ended to save some money!

  43. I also cancelled Showtime after Dexter was over. However, If I knew season 5 was going to be so sh!tty, I wouldn’t have ever ordered it to begin with.

  44. The Showtime Free Preview is on December 2-5 for Brighthouse, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish Network, RCN, Suddenlink,
    Time Warner Cable, & FiOS.

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