Free Preview of Showtime for Many Providers

Free Preview Begins: January 9, 2015 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: January 11, 2015 (Sunday)

Update: See a complete listing of the free previews this weekend including provider list.

showtime-free-previewShowtime is having a huge free preview January 9-11 and it’s going to be shown on many of the satellite and cable providers.

I’ve already posted that DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, and Verizon FIOS will be participating. In addition, Bright House Networks, Cable One, Century Link, Comcast, Dish Network, Mediacom, and RCN will be showing the free preview as well. Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll be able to watch on your provider:

  • AT&T U-verse – Showtime, Showtime On Demand, Showtime Anytime and
  • Bright House Networks – Showtime, Showtime On Demand, and Showtime Anytime
  • Cable One – Showtime
  • Century Link – Showtime and Showtime On Demand
  • Comcast – Showtime, Showtime On Demand, Showtime Anytime and
  • DirecTV – Showtime
  • Dish – Showtime
  • Mediacom – Showtime and Showtime On Demand
  • RCN – Showtime and Showtime On Demand
  • Verizon – Showtime, Showtime On Demand, and Showtime Anytime

Here’s a nice schedule for what will be on during the free preview.

Thank you Chris for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about a free preview? Let FreePreview.TV know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check your local listings.


  1. So Comcast is actually going to have the Showtime channels available and not just On Demand? That can’t possibly be true

  2. Is there going to be any free previews for cox communications?

  3. Sorry to bust your info, but the DirecTV preview starts January 8th. And not only does it include Showtime, but all the other major movie channels. Thankfully, I have other means to find out when previews are coming because I would have thought this one would have shown up in my email weeks ago.

  4. d pape – you must have missed the link above that leads to that info – It was posted on the 12th.

  5. How about time time warner cable? Or did we get cheesed out of this special too?

  6. I believe Dish preview is for HBO, Showtime, and STARZ for 1/9-1/11

  7. where is cox cable ‘s part of this? or do we get cheated out of this

  8. What is free about it, i pay $80.00 a month, for what,com. and paid progams,because they have cut half the movie out so that they can put more com. in, five min. of movie, 10 min. of ads.

  9. DirecTV is showing all channels 501-557 JAN 8(Thurs 6 am EST) to Mon (Jan 12 6 am EST). WOW!! Clear your TIVO/hard drive.

  10. It appears that “once again” Cox is sucking it’s own name hard..

  11. Just saw a commercial on my COX cable talking about the freeview. That still doesn’t say whether or not they will carry it. Guess I’ll just have to check for myself since COX doesn’t bother with tedious, time-consuming things like mass emails to let customers know about anything free…

  12. Ryan Says:
    December 31st, 2014 at 12:27 pm
    I believe Dish preview is for HBO, Showtime, and STARZ for 1/9-1/11

    I think Dish will only have SHOWTIME…

  13. What about Time Warner ?

  14. No Time Warner free previews

  15. I don’t bout cable providers but directv is doing all free previews of all movie channels (hbo, cinemax, starz, encore, showtime, the movie channel, flix)

  16. Is the free preview of Showtime going to be on Cox cable to

  17. I have a Cox subscription and I just cruised through HBO, Max and Showtime. No free previews for this area.

  18. hiw come no wowway? What a rip.

  19. Boooo. No Time Warner? Come on!!!

  20. When is comcast suppose to start i just checked and nothing yet its 850pm dont get it

  21. I wonder if there is a way to tell cox to start doing more previews.the other cable providers do so much more previews than.cox does.i would switch but im in a cox zone lol

  22. Still no free preview on Comcast

  23. Comcast nothing here in San Jose CA @10.15 pm .

    YOu can usually get Free HBo or such if you ask the cancellation dept nicley that your bill is to high or such

    Tip if you have any problems or whatever call them it beats overseas CS and they can fix it on the spot rather than taking the info and passing it along to somebody in the usa to take care of.

  24. It’s Saturday 01/10 and Comcast Xfinity still has not opened up the Showtime channels for viewing. This is the third time in six months that a Free Preview has been scheduled but to no avail for (at least this) Comcast customer.

  25. Comcast only offering it through On Demand

  26. comcast -showtime is on demand only

  27. Comcast is terrible, they never open up the channels for the free previews. Comcast charges extra for TCM when it should be included with Showtime.

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