MLB Extra Innings

Free Preview of MLB Extra Innings

Free Preview Begins: April 6, 2015 (Monday)
Free Preview Ends
: April 12, 2015 (Sunday)

MLB_Extra_Innings.svgThere will be a free preview of MLB Extra Innings April 6-12 on DirecTV and possibly other providers. Please leave a comment below if your provider will be participating.

Thanks Dan for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with Your Provider


  1. put free mlb on ATT U VERSE@@@@@@@!!!!!!!

  2. Just assuming, but Comcast should have this free preview as well

  3. i only want to buy the FIRST
    half of the season. until then mlb wont get my $. period.

  4. Free Week of MLBEI on DTV sounds good to me.
    Go Sox!!

  5. does cox have the free preview of extra innings this week

  6. Bullshit. Every game has been blacked out since the preview began.

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