Free Preview of HBO and Cinemax for Many This Weekend







There’s a big free preview of HBO and Cinemax happening this weekend to promote the premiere of True Detective and Gone Girl.

All the providers are on the same schedule this time, and the free preview will run from Friday, June 19 to Monday, June 22. Here are the providers that are taking part, just click the links for more information.

If you know that your provider is participating and it’s not on the list, please add a comment below and I’ll get it added. Thank you!


  1. anyword if comcast is dong this i havent ssen anything on it but they usually do it if everyone else is

  2. This is already live for Dish in the LA area!!!

  3. Why not Cablevision ? They never take part in these. Cheapskates!

  4. Haven’t seen anything about Comcast/Xfinity offering this yet. Although they definitely used to do these more in the past, they didn’t have the last HBO free preview weekend either to my knowledge (in April for the Game of Thrones premiere).

  5. When does the free preview end; you say Sunday June 22; is it Sunday or June 22 (Monday)?

  6. Cable one has confirmed on their Facebook page that they will have the preview this weekend too. They mentioned HBO only so I don’t know about Cinemax.

  7. how do we find the official announcement or details? i have verizon, and all searches for free previews end up here or similar deal sites, but nothing from hbo or verizon itself.

  8. AT JP Comcast did it for game of thrones during watchathon week

  9. ctj… You should get the monthly Verizon spotlight newsletter in the mail; if not its online. On the calendar page.

  10. Time Warner Cuntable rarely participates in these freebies… bastardos

  11. Steve – June 22 on Monday. Sorry about that :)

  12. Shentel

  13. Im suppose to get my free trial for hbo and cinemax on june 19,2015 and today is june 19 and the channel doesnt show.maybe its because i got a new direct tv box today does that have something to do with it ?and if not what can i do to get the free trial? Please help

  14. Looks like RCN is ripping us off again. No free HBO on RCN… :(

  15. It’s the 19th and none of the channels on “on” on DirecTV. Nice!

  16. still no free preview of hbo or cinemax on directv here either. lame.

  17. DirecTV previews always start and end at 6AM Eastern.

  18. Comcast has the free preview on demand

  19. Does the free preview include on demand for directv?

  20. RCN sucks. no free preview

  21. I have Comcast Garden State (N.J.) Cable. We have the Cinemax and HBO free preview, but on OnDemand only. Not on the HBO or Cinemax channels.

  22. Comcast is doing the free preview weekend also.

  23. Once again Time Warner is NOT taking part. TW never takes advantage of the free previews.

    Why do they get to decide what we watch?

  24. The Xfinity facebook page has an announcement for a free preview weekend for HBO/Cinemax

  25. @chris bradley, Watch-a-thon had nothing to do with the HBO free preview last time, so I wouldn’t count that.

    Not sure what’s going on with Comcast limiting things lately, OnDemand is better than nothing but not sure why they are limiting it at all.

    @Rey Silva – Yes, DirecTV includes OnDemand during the free preview, they always do.

  26. Flipping thru and Comcast in ATL has free pay channels as well! Game of Thrones binge is on!

  27. I’ve got the free channels…

  28. I’ve got the free channels…We have direct tv.

  29. Ha, ha

    Only can be seen on demand on Cox Omaha, not current schedule. Bummer!

    Nothing like the old stuff some of us has seen before again and again.

  30. Anyone know if the free preview includes HBO On Demand?

  31. How do u find the free hbo on Mediacom?

  32. Directv has always let you record or watch On-Demand HBO shows during freebie weekends — this time it’s not letting me record or watch On-Demand. Anyone know why not?

  33. So 12 am Monday or will it be free all day Monday??

  34. @chefthorn its only on demand for comast the channels it self arent includned

  35. I have UVerse and I am recording some movies, do I need to cancel anything after this weekend? Or will it just become unavailable to me again? Like when I first got UVerse I got HBO free for 6 months then had to cancel or I would be charged monthly for it, will I be charged monthly or will it just not let me watch anymore? I don’t want to get charged

  36. Comcast is doing this but ON DEMAND only.

  37. Is there a limit on how much we’re able to watch. I was catching up on Game of Thrones and couldn’t watch any more past season 5 episode 4

  38. Amanda, everyone gets the free preview. They will not start charging you after the free weekend. Think about how many people would scream if that happened, especially since many customers don’t even know about the promotion.

  39. Some (all?) service providers only allow you to watch recorded movies from the DVR if you still subscribe to the channel it was originally recorded from, so be careful with recording shows this weekend to watch later. I have my own (non-cable provided) CableCard DVR, so I don’t have to worry about that.

  40. i record using my dvd vcr combo

  41. RCN does have it, just wait 30 seconds after switching to the channel!

  42. Directv is not allowing me access to HBO On Demand content. Is anyone else with directv having the same issue or is it just me?

  43. WAVE CABLE is also doing the free HBO/Cinemax channels free preview through Monday.

  44. Does the free stuff end at midnight on Sunday or Monday?

  45. We just found out about it. Why don’t they advertise the free week-end? You cannot try it if you don’t know about it!

  46. We have dishnetwork & doesn’t show on free preview channel but; it automatically shows on my preference channels list. Always! Automagicly get it……

  47. Started watching Comcast on my ipad Saturday. As of Monday at 11am it is still on. Anyone know what time it goes off?

  48. K tomaso tonight at midnight it started mid night

  49. The free preview days need to be advertised. It’s Monday (June 22), now TECHNICALLY it’s Tuesday and I’m just now discovering that this happened.

  50. Will we get charged extra for watching Game of Thrones through midnight of free preview weekend?

  51. wow…the free preview usually starts and ends at 9 pm (pacific) and it was still on at 6:30 am this morning (Tues).

    also if you watch a minute of a movie and then stop it before the free preview officially ends the movie will still be available even when they pull the preview. i loaded up 6 movies to watch that way. i checked and they are still available.

  52. Will there be any movies or just reviewes

  53. when is next free preview

  54. when is next hbo free weekend

  55. Never got notification of this free preview so missed it! When will there be another for Comcast/Xfinity?

  56. To many old movies dated in the 1980’s and 90’s repeat several times and every other month! Waste of money.

  57. I do not have free stations even though Comcast has stated that we will have free HBO/Cinemax for the week. What good is it to advertise it and then their customers don’t receive it.

  58. Dear Rep: I agree with the above comments. Why go to the trouble and expense of announcing a free trial HBO/MAX weekend if you fail to follow through with your offer. not only is the customer disappointed, but per haps even bitter about being suckered into believing it to be a credible, genuine offer. Tis better to not offer than to offer and then take away.

  59. Time Warner Cable

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