Free Preview of EPIX for Many

Free Preview Begins: September 10, 2015 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: September 13, 2015 (Sunday)


There’s a free preview of EPIX happening this weekend, September 10-13 on quite a few providers. Here’s a list of who I can verify is taking part:

If your provider is showing the free preview and you don’t see them on the list, please leave a comment below and I will post an update.


  1. EPIX free preview Is already available on Dish.

  2. Just tried to program a couple of movies I want to save to my dvr, but they are not allowed during these dates. Does anyone know why?

  3. You cannot set up recordings until the free preview begins when you are not subscribed.

  4. If you don’t want to wait for the preview to begin, try recording by channel, date and time (if you have this option). It’s more effort but should work.

  5. Does anyone know what time the free preview begins tomorrow? I am a Time Warner customer. Thank you!

  6. where directv free preview

  7. How do I find the preview on my TV beginning tomorrow. I deleted the post from TWC and what station does it come on

  8. Hmm, it is the 10th and after midnight PDT but I don’t see a free preview on my TWC’s DVR. What about the rest of you on TWC?

  9. I’m on Uverse and it’s 0215 Central time and blank screens on all the Epix channels. But I can set DVR recordings for over the weekend.

  10. OK, TWC have EPIX now. Woohoo! It’s time to record like crazy until it is over on the end of the 13th, but I need to delete some old recordings. Boo! :(

  11. @ndrew lindhardt
    “where directv free preview”?

    DirecTV does not carry EPIX, hence no free preview.

  12. Nothing on cox. Blank screens @ 9:02 central time

  13. Cox cable customer……it’s 11am…..no preview yet in panhandle of Florida……sucks……

  14. Any cox customers have preview, around panhandle area in Florida??

  15. Still just black screen in the panhandle of Florida but the on demand for epic is working

  16. We have Cox in NE Ohio and have previews of Epix and Encore right now.

  17. still black screens here in the panhandle of Florida. Chatted with Cox supprt and she rebooted my boxes but still nothing so she said she would have to report it. :(

  18. Not on my Verizon fiios yet and it’s Thursday night

  19. Not on my Verizon FIOS yet either at 9pm on Thursday. Had same problem with HBO or Showtime a couple months ago. :-/

  20. I have Mediacom and I can’t find a listing of the movies in the On Demand screens. Can only watch what the channel is showing. Anyone have this problem too?

  21. 9.30pm eastern and fios preview is live. Too bad there is nothing worth seeing.

  22. No free preview from FIOS in Western New York. FIOS sent me a email advertising this free 4 day preview but just like last time no free preview to be found.

  23. We have cox, what channel is the free preview? Thanks

  24. We have cox, what channel is the free preview?

  25. What channel is the preview Epic on?

  26. Not available on my FIOS. But I did get email saying it was coming. Boohoo.

  27. no free epic for my fios for central ny where i live said it was coming

  28. How do I get access to my free epix preview on Dish? I’m a first time Dish customer, in Houston, TX. Please help.

  29. Its on FIOS in NJ, but weirdly, only with Spanish audio… even when its set for English. Very strange.

  30. I have twc and did not or could not find the free weekend

  31. I had access all weekend long in Tampa area. Too bad there was nothing worth recording. Saw most of their offerings months (or years) ago.

  32. Had access all weekend and its still on right now!. Too weird. Today is Tues evening.

  33. Still on here too, Central FL.

  34. Yeah I still have it. It’s Thursday evening. Am I getting charged for that crap???

  35. Yea I still get Epix and it’s 9/21. Was checking here to see if it’s a free preview or some kind of glitch. I can’t watch Epix on-demand, which I normally can do with free-preview weekends. But the channel is still working. I’m in Tampa, with Verizon Fios.

  36. Still getting it too. Same as you, Tampa fios, lost on demand. but still getting it. 9-22.

  37. Got an email saying I would get Starz and Epix. But not getting either. Hbo and Cinemax preview is working. Northern Virginia Verizon.

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