Free Preview of HBO & Cinemax for Many This Weekend

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There will be a free preview of HBO & Cinemax on quite a few providers this weekend, running from Friday, September 29th until Monday, October 2. You can enjoy the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the stand-up special Felipe Esparza: Translate This. Why Him? with James Franco and Bryan Cranston is also premiering on Sunday night.

Here’s who is showing the free preview this weekend. If you know your provider is and don’t see them on the list, please leave a comment.

Big thanks to everyone who sent in tips on these!


  1. “running from Saturday, September 29th”

    the 29th is a Friday – so does this start on Friday or Saturday?

    1. It starts on Friday 9/29. I just confirmed that ATT Uverse is also offering the freebie weekend. Thanks to FreePreview.TV for the overall heads up (as usual–you guys rock!)

      1. And thank YOU, Mike. I get ATT UVerse, and when I read the list, figured I’d still be waiting for the next preview. It’s pretty frustrating to find out Saturday evening, or Sunday afternoon that I HAD a preview available but missed it. Appreciate you finding and sharing that.


        1. I added one Max and one HBO channel back to my short list, so when it’s a free watch I can tell as I flip thru the channels.

    2. Sorry about that, it’s fixed now!


  3. Comcast never gives. They only take…take…take…and take some more.

    1. They hardly advertise their free previews now. They had an HBO preview some time ago, but I could only watch On Demand. But you are right, t’s all about the $$$$$

  4. No Spectrum (Charter) or Comcast??

  5. IDK why I bother with this site or these notifications. Spectrum in Florida will never allow freebies.

  6. Spectrum Cable / Time Warner is the worst. Never any free anything.

    1. SPECTRUM/TIME WARNER is the worst amen they are disgusting. Catering to business and crapping on the everyday home. I am sick of them. TWC went from bad to horrible and greedy.

  7. RCN is also hosting a 4-day free preview.

  8. Is Spectrum offering this free preview?

  9. As usual, Dish Network turned on preview the day before. All HBO/Max channels were on this morning.

  10. Hey….anyway to get the freebie on a smart tv?

  11. Confirmed available for CenturyLink Prism.

  12. Suddenlink can’t even spell HBO much less show it for free.

  13. a tie for the worst as blue stream(advanced cable) will not be showing free cinemax…lucky u can get anything as they have many problems in my area……

  14. Sling is doing it this weekend, too.

  15. Frontier Fios unlocked the free preview this morning.

  16. HBO free preview is available on Hulu this weekend. Also, Sling TV has the free preview of HBO and Cinemax now through October 2.

  17. Spectrum in Brevard County FL

  18. Of course Spectrum in Tampa Bay Area ,Florida doesn’t have it for free,they keep taking channels away and charge the same if not more. Makes me miss Brighthouse and Verizon Fios

  19. Armstrong is in. Never saw an announcement, but it’s coming through.

  20. Still no free preview on Comcast (NW) so I guess it’s a no go. Sometimes they add it a day late… but nothing.

  21. where is spectrum free offers

  22. We are getting both the free HBO and Cinemax which started yesterday, Friday 9/29/17. The only bad thing is that we can’t access the OnDemand feature. We have WOW!

  23. what time will this end on Monday?

    1. It’s 1021am and I’m still watching HBO’S Game of Thrones on Hula.

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