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Free On Demand for Verizon FIOS Customers

Free Preview Begins: September 19, 2014 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: September 29, 2014 (Monday)

FiOS-App-LogoVerizon FIOS will be giving free On Demand to all customers September 19-29. This includes over 2,000 movies and 70+ full series TV shows.

Here’s more information about this free preview.

Thank you Spidey55 for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

On Demand Content

Verizon FIOS


  1. Why does optimum never give free previews???

  2. so..went to take advantage of this to watch fantastic four on cinemax on demand….and I got slapped with a 110 error. went to epix on demand to try avengers… 110 error.

    subscription required.

  3. worked yesterday; not today.

  4. Not working today

  5. Premium channels were only for the weekend. In big print it says 19 – 29, further below in smaller print it says HBO etc just to the 22. I missed out on movies just like everyone else.

  6. Only work on the weekend …very disappointed in fios

  7. For those of you complaining about the free preview, may want to read a little closer:

    Plus,through September 22 you can catch up on original series and movies on
    HBO®, Cinemax®,Epix® and STARZ®.

  8. The free preview for premium on demand ended on 9/22.

    The email that Verizon sent out states that:

  9. From the Premium Channels On Demand selection, not working for me either. I pray to got this is not the answer – if so, Verizon advertising is such *&^%&*($ – but I just read the full description for the preview:

    “From September 19-29, over 2,000+ movies and 70+ full-series TV shows are yours to
    watch! Plus,through September 22 you can catch up on original series and movies on
    HBO®, Cinemax®,Epix® and STARZ®. Best of all, it’s available to all FiOS TV customers,
    absolutely FREE, with no strings attached. So, get comfortable and start binge-watching”

    Does this mean until yesterday, we had a full offering of their On Demand programming ? Such crap! They’ve had previous On Demand freeviews, where all channels were available, not just the crap they put into one Marathon folder.

    To make things worse, if not slightly confirm this, I do have some of the premium content available to me in that folder, like Anchorman 2 and Walter Mitty, but that may be because I’m already subscribed to HBO and Showtime.


  10. I understand Verizon can give open weekends as they want. But what is the

  11. sense of giving me “free” week to food network or BBC. I have these all the time.

    (sorry for the break in comments, I hit submit too soon)

  12. I thought it was false advertising or something was wrong with my digital…I also already have these channels and thought all the channels were for the entire week. I took 2 chats a and waste of time until someone would explain that it was only for the weekend…They first thold me that they were fixing the problem..

  13. You have to be in the free preview folder.

    Advertisement says step 1 go to on demand, step 2 select free marathon folder, step 3 choose movie or tv show.

    If you’re not in the free marathon folder, you won’t get the free stuff.

    hope that helps

  14. I did not find out about the free week until Oct 1. The free week ended on Sept 29

  15. I hate Verizon. Free movies? Bull@#&% to the dates u can see them. U suck Verizon.

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