Free Movie Channel Previews for Many This Weekend

Free Preview Begins: January 9, 2015 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: January 11, 2015 (Sunday)

There are quite a few movie channel free previews happening today and I wanted to get them all together in one place for easy reference. I’ve listed them below by provider. If you know your provider is participating please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to keep the list updated.

More information on the Showtime free preview

Enjoy your free previews this weekend! What will you be watching?


  1. Cinemax for Comcast also or just showtime

  2. Just Showtime from I’m aware.

  3. Once again cox is out of loop lol

  4. Does this include Triotel?

  5. What time on Friday does the free preview start & what time on Sunday does it end? Thank you.

  6. Right now I’m getting several HBOs, 2 Cinemaxs, & showtime extreme on Dish. All SD though. May be a mistake.

  7. Also getting a Starz SD channel too.

  8. What’s going on with Time Warner

  9. right now its showing all HBO, all cinemax, all showtime, starz, epix, movie channel etc. almost everything. yet it shows it will cut off at 8pm. strange

  10. I got hbofm currently on dishtv. Just letting peeps know.

  11. No listings for Optimum/Cablevision?

  12. Dish is now getting every hd movie channel except for epix

  13. Nice surprise about Dish!

  14. Dish has all free previews, but I’m sick of dish network they tool Fox News off, and a cbs and fox which are locals, if you have dish net switch there ripping people off left and right and not putting channels in place so sick of dish if you or anyone has dish make the switch to someoyther network maybe they will wale up lest ban dish they rip us off, and were still pauing for channels we don’t get

  15. It started Thursday night for me. So even though it says Friday, it really starts Thursday night.

  16. Nothing for Time Warner?

  17. Dish has all the premiums on, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime/TMC, Starz/Encore. I already get Epix so I don’t know if its part of the preview or not.

    As far as Fox News/Fox Business, Fox tried to make Dish agree to rate increases on other channels that already had agreements in place as part of the FNC/FBC negotiations. Dish wouldn’t agree because it would have forced them to raise customer’s rates. Without an agreement in place Dish can not legally broadcast FNC/FBC, so they’re off until an agreement is reached.

  18. What about for Frontier Communications?

  19. I subscribe to the least expensive package with Comcast (very recent). Will I be included in this free weekend? I am picking up nothing so far.

  20. I’m a Dish subscriber and I’m getting The Movie Channel, Showtime, Cinemax all free previews.
    Already have HBO & Starz so I already get Encore. Wish they would bring back the preview on Nat Geo Wild..great chan

  21. Anything for Charter? Free weekend of showtime is advertised on demand but I don’t see charter listed.

  22. Re: starting and ending times: In previous free previews, I’ve sometimes found that you can start watching before and after the announced dates. So give it a try. I usually DVR movies I want to see and sometimes it works but sometimes I just get 1 1/2 hours of a black screen.

  23. I’m not getting the Showtime on Comcast. Do I need to request the free preview?

  24. As of 10:00AM, no Free preview channels are accessible. What gives?

  25. I’m on comcast and not getting the showtime channels…

  26. Wait…I guess I’m on midcontinent….thought it was the same as comcast…..we only have HBO and Cinemax this weekend.

  27. I have Comcast Garden State (in N.J.). Only have Showtime on the OnDemand, not on the channels themselves.

  28. You can actually watch the on demand stuff this time during the free previews of HBO and STARZ it never let you do it before. I wonder if it will stop letting you watch them after the preview is over even if they are still in your rentals folder on Dish Network

  29. I have Limited Basic from Comast Xfinity. What do I have to do to get to watch the free preview channels this weekend?

  30. It’s working now.

  31. I have the Free Showtime preview option in the OnDemand but when I select anything I get Error message CL-4 stating I am not subscribed to this channel.

    I had been trying all day long and get the same results. I routinely have problems with various error messages in the OnDemand. Sometimes I get through after 5 trys, sometimes never. Today was never.

    Anyway I just called Comcast again. She said Seattle area has been routinely having problems and she did something to reset my box and I have to wait 35 or so minutes for it to cycle through. Hopefully I will be able to use the OnDemand after that.

    1-800- XFINITY (1-800-64934-6489) if someone else needs help.

  32. Have Verizon Fios via Tivo and only Showtime channels are working. Disappointed.

  33. DirecTV here. I’m getting white bars on several of the Encore Channels, but not all. It’s very strange. My TV says it’s coming in in 720p, but the movie is like in a 4:3 box with white bars on either side. But not on all of the preview channels. Anyone else?

  34. Free HBO on Mediacom as well as Max and SHO.

  35. Free HBO on Mediacom as well as Max and SHO. Watched HBO all afternoon.

  36. Charter Cable ???

  37. Dishnetwork. Thumb of Michigan..
    We have only the welcome package @ dish network. Around $20/month-
    As of last night we r getting encore-cinemax-hbo- starz-tmc-flix–
    We only had basic .. no movie channels.
    Now we have Every movie channel. Some of these I didn’t even know existed.

  38. Fios free preview channels have all been viewable since Fri afternoon at 12:00 PM. Don’t know why they weren’t after midnight Thurs.

  39. Comcast denying customers free weekend of premium channels. I was told unaware of free weekend even though listed as a provider. I did get showtime finally after threatening to call F.T.C. & F.C.C. on Monday. Did not get Cinemax. I was offered HBO & Stars free for 3 months when I already pay them for these channels.

  40. Time Warner biggest cable company in the world and they are not participateing but they are advertising it so i just got a month free showtime theen if i pay for it another 4 months i get 50.00 off bill

  41. Apparently it is not a free Showtime weekend for ALL Comcast subscribers, as it is not available for me.

  42. I echo Tina’s comment regarding Comcast being shut-out of the Free Preview for Showtime channels. It’s not a big deal to me, but if something was promised, it’s just a simple matter of integrity to follow-through on it.

  43. I am with WOW and we never get these free preview offers why??????

  44. Called Comcast.
    They told me it’s only Showtime (on demand only) and free ESPN full court this weekend

  45. I’m getting Showtime free preview on Comcast(Oregon) ONLY using the OnDemand function. I’m not able to see any shows just browsing the normal channel line-up listings. Which means I can’t DVR any programming. However, I can watch the shows via OnDemand. I’d rather DVR for later but I’m happy getting to see something.

  46. I’m on Comcast in Maryland and I can’t get any of it! What’s up Comcast?

  47. Time Wernher von braun SUCKS.

  48. Kevin Pipes I am only getting channels 301 thru 311 HBO. How are you getting Showtime channels? I have Comcast Xfinity in MI. What do I have to do to get the Showtime and what channels are they on?

  49. It would be nice if DirecTV let it’s customers know about these types of things. Just saw a commercial for this, but it’s now Sunday night. Thanks for the free preview that I couldn’t watch.

  50. How do you get the free movies for Comcast xfinifity for Showtime. I am only getting the HBO.

  51. Thank You Dish!!

  52. Can anyone tell me the exact end time to these things? Is it midnight the morning it ends?

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