Free Channel Week Programming

Free Channel Week on Comcast Xfinity

Free Preview Begins: September 22, 2014 (Monday)
Free Preview Ends: September 28, 2014 (Sunday)

xfinity-logoComcast is going to be having a special Free Channel Week September 22-28.

This free preview will be a selection of certain channels from their Digital Economy, Digital Starter, and Digital Preferred packages.

Thank you Cid for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

These networks will be included in this free preview.

Comcast Xfinity


  1. Can’t see all the networks participating in the free preview weekend because they are covered by ads. Why are they covered?

  2. They are not covered. It’s a list of one–Comcast Xfinity.

    I’m disappointed that so far they haven’t included Sundance and IFC channels in the free preview. None of the channels included have anything good to watch!!

  3. I have the triple play and all but 2 channels TMCXe and TMCe. I feel that I save money these days by just waiting and watching the movies on HBO,SHO,STARZ. Why go to the movies these days ? 2 adults and 2 kids is a $50 outing. Then there’s popcorn and candy. This on top of the great weekly tv shows is a no brainer. xfinity just needs to charge a household by the by its income level. Then we all could watch every week.

  4. I just tried HBO and its a NO SHOW…

  5. I have been a total service account person since cable since cable began.
    Are all Sons of Anarchy episodes free to me.
    If they are not,WHY are they not free?

  6. Still have my regular channels Max and Sho. No Free Weekend Channels

  7. Nice having the extra channels would have enjoyed it more if I would have known sooner only enjoyed the last 2 days of the deal because I found out 2 days before the deal expired would be nice if you got more channels for what you pay

  8. Would have been nice if Comcast would have told customers about this

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