EPIX Free Preview on DirecTV

Pennyworth promo

Free Preview Begins: July 19, 2019 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: August 17, 2019 (Saturday)

DirecTV will be showing a free preview of EPIX July 19 to August 17. The new show Pennyworth debuts on July 28th so it would be a great time to check that out.

Thank you, Tom, for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

EPIX: 558-560


  1. I have directv and I don’t have any free epix same goes for a few other people i know I think someone got there days wrong

  2. Why do all of the cable companies, always give out free previews, and show maybe one or two movies, from the year before, and everything else they show, are old shows or reruns, if they want the consumer to prescribe to their, cable company, why do they continue to show all of the same old movies, really that does not keep or attract, new customers, thats why we are always shopping around for newer cheaper cable companys, or hulu, netflix, amazon prime etc, not AT@T, VERIZON, OR COMCAST INFINITY ETC. THANK YOU, FOR YOU’RE TIME.

  3. is that on u-verse too

  4. I was chatting online with an AT&T/DirecTV individual this morning. They said that the free preview is only for this 3-day weekend – Friday through Sunday.

  5. Which makes sense. I saw this and was WHAT a month free???? Epix is a premium channel and I never saw premium channels give a free preview more than a weekend (Thur-Mon)

  6. Back when Directv was The real Directv they would let you know when Premium Channels would be Free for a weekend.

    But now that att handles everything. Its crap.
    Service is crap.

  7. But it’s Monday, and I’m still seeing the free preview. So i don’t know what to believe.

  8. It is for one month

  9. Cooper, EPIX was added to DirecTV a couple of months ago, so to them its a brand new premium movie package to choose. Giving DTV subscribers a full free month to see if EPIX interests them to pay $5.99/month for makes sense here.

  10. Enjoying the free preview

  11. I want t let ATT/DirecTV know that the Epix channels although free until 8/17 are lousy, I have tried to watch Mission Impossible Fallout and it kept cutting out, the sound kept going out, no matter what I was watching it kept doing it. Please fix the problem no one wants to watch a channel that keeps stopping or loses the sound. Also when is CBS returning to DirecTV I pay to much for my service and I expect to get what I am paying for. Is ATT going to compensate their customers for the loss of CBS?

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