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Dish Network’s December Free Previews

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Hallmark Drama

Free Preview Begins: November 29, 2018 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: January 1, 2019 (Tuesday)

Dish Network will be showing a free preview of Discovery Family, Hallmark Drama, and Outside TV November 29 to January 1.

Channel Lineup:

179: Discovery Family
186: Hallmark Drama
390: Outside TV


  1. Big deal! Already subscribe to these channels!

  2. Disregard negative comments and thank you for sharing.

  3. Why did you take away my El Ray network,and put sci Fi on in its place. I already get scifi, and I want my El Ray back!

  4. Very unhappy with Dish lately. Most other carriers had FREE Premium Movie channels over Thanksgiving Holidy, but oh no….no DISH. Very sad !!!

  5. Love the free previews but…they are always the same channels.A free preview of AMC, syfy ,national geographic would be really nice

  6. HDNET movies is still free, since Dish lost HBO.

  7. I agree with Lori same free preview channels every month. It would’ve been great to have the Disney and FREFM channels for Christmas. You can also add the Travel Channel to that request.

  8. Arthur, Lori, & Diana are correct. Same/similar “free” channels. And since they are lower- to mid-tier, the majority of subscribers are already paying for them.
    Ralph is correct. HDNet Movies is free. But Dish has to realize that in no way does 1 channel of HDNet make up for the total lack of 9 channels of HBO and 6 channels of Cinemax.

  9. Does anyone know why the promos on channel 102’s Dish Studio are saying MGM HD is a free preview channel in December (it’s not available on my service???)

  10. i would really like to see a free preview of TCM been with dish over 10 years a not once have they gave a free one of TCM

  11. Where is the free preview of NHL 12/24 – 12/31?

    We are not finding it on HOPPER3 when expecting to find it on 12/26.

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