Sportsman Channel

Dish Network Free Preview of Sportsman Channel

Free Preview Begins: September 3, 2010 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: September 28, 2010 (Tuesday)

Dish Network is having a free preview of Sportsman Channel September 3rd through the 28th.

The Sportsman channel features shows about hunting and fishing.

Channel Lineup:

395 – Sportsman Channel

Dish Network


  1. Must say that direct tv has your company beat by a lonnnnng shot your free previews should just be for the hunters and fishermen what about some family preview channels get with it dish network you are living in the stone age hooray for direct tv. p.s. whoever is assigning this preview channels needs a wake up call.

  2. Please consider balancing your sports entertainment with family, woman’s and arts & entertainment channels for those who don’t really like sports. We seriously miss FX, Bravo, and Style network. If we pay to upgrade the service to get it, then is counterproductive to switching to save money.

    Your stripped down basic subscription is bursting at the seems with sports, ‘education channels’ and what seems like bad public access channels. Once we paired down the remote to our ‘favorites,’ we were left with less than 30 watchable channels out of the 120 we are buying.

    It would be nice to have previews for something other than sports.

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