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Dish Network Free Preview of Science Channel & The Biography Channel

Free Preview Begins: December 3, 2008 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: January 7, 2009 (Wednesday)

Dish Network is having a free preview of Science Channel & The Biography Channel this month.

Channel Lineup:

119 – The Biography Channel
193 – Science Channel

Dish Network


  1. Is it normal for Dish Network’s previews to totally suck in comparison to Directv? Dish’s previews always seem to be some obscure channel.

  2. I’m mainly aggravated with the total disparity of movie channel previews. Oh well.

  3. Otis, it sure seems that way to me too.

    I went back and took a quick tally of this years past posts. DirecTV came in with a whopping 9 free preview weekends of single or multiple premium movie channels. What about Dish? Just 1.

  4. That’s what I fugured. Oh well, that’s my fault for not doing enough research. In the end you always get what you pay for.

  5. Apparently Dish is testing a new growth model thinking that if they give previews of obscure channels that their subscribers will upgrade their packages to get those channels. They would have a better chance of that happening with the premium channels in my opinion, but I might be in the minority.

  6. Science Channel isn’t obscure, actually it is one of my favorites.

  7. I just wish they would have included the Science HD channel in the free preview too.

  8. Is is possible to stay with the basic channels (what? 100 channels, I think?) but ADD the science channel? Everytime I’m looking around for educational programs for my dd, SCI channel always has interesting-sounding programs! Any idea? I love my line-up, except I’d like to add that one. Thanks!

  9. This is the worst TV set-up I have ever had.

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