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Dish Network Free Preview of IFC, OWN, Investigation Discovery, and Veria

Free Preview Begins: January 4, 2012 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: February 1, 2012 (Wednesday)

On January 4th Dish Network starting a new rotation of free previews – IFC, OWN, Investigation Discovery, and Veria. These end on February 1st.

Channel Lineup:

131 – IFC
189 – OWN
192 – Investigation Discovery
218 – Veria

Dish Network


  1. We love the ID channel!

  2. Investigation Discovery Is in the America’s Top 200 Channels for $15 more.

  3. Why the teaser?? I’ll hate to see Veria go. But as much as I love the channel, I’m not going to spend money and get a dozen crap channels to get the ‘one’ I want.
    So I’m dvr-ing as much as I can…

    1. If you call and tell the representative that you want to add only one new channel, it can be done. I recently added a western movie channel so I could watch certain John Wayne movies that are not on other channels. “The War wagon” being one of them..

  4. Dish sucks!!

  5. The sound on the ID channel is terrible, I want to add the channel to my package but not if it’s going to be a wavy sound!

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