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Dish Network Free Preview of Cooking Channel, Science Channel, AMC, and GSN

Free Preview Begins: October 28, 2010 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: November 30, 2010 (Tuesday)

Dish Network is having a free preview of Cooking Channel, Science Channel, AMC, and Game Show Network (GSN). These free previews started October 28th and will end on November 30th.

There’s also a free preview of Sony Movie Channel (channel 386 & 387) which started on October 20th and ends on November 16th.

Channel Lineup:

113 – Cooking Channel
116 – Game Show Network (GSN)
130 – AMC
193 – Science Channel

Dish Network


  1. And then at the end of the preview it goes back into it’s jewelry case for only the priviledged richest in America who can afford the exclusive top-tier cable and satellite service packages.

  2. What happened to the smc channel SD and HD. I liked that channel.

  3. Well said john.I will be missing natgeo and science channel :(

  4. I agree with the above sentiments and will be missing both NatGeo and Science Channel. Why not be able to customize a pkg? I’d unload a bunch of those shopping and infomercial channels.

  5. Dish previews suck at times with hallmark channel, speed Gameshow network and finally lifetime network….while the competitions gets HBO, Sci-Fi and TNT as preview channels ….

  6. Well I called that one sure enough Hallmark Channel, Lifetime and some other womens channel is what is being previewed for December until January 4th.

    Cancelling my Dishnetwork setup tonight and switching to Brighthouse Cable..atleast they have 3D TV.

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