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Dish Network Free Preview: HDNet Movies, MGM

Free Preview Begins: July 11, 2010 (Sunday)
Free Preview Ends: August 18, 2010 (Wednesday)

There will be a free preview of HDNet Movies and MGM for Dish Network customers starting tomorrow. This Dish Network free preview runs from July 11th to August 18th.

Thank you Garret for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

383 – HDNet Movies (HD)
385 – MGM (HD)
386 – MGM (SD)
391 – HDNet Movies (SD)

Dish Network


  1. Does anyone know why I would be receiving the free preview of MGM and not HDnet Movies?? I am an HD customer.

  2. If you are a fan of Widescreen presentation, you will like it. I am not a fan Widescreen, so I don’t care for it. I am a fan of Fullscreen presentation only. This preview is a let down = JEERS.

  3. Lobes02, check with your provider, because, I am able to view both MGM and HDNet.

  4. Widescreen is the only way. I don’t want to watch a movie that has been chopped off or artificial camera moves in order to fit on tv.

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