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DirecTV Free Preview of HD Extra Pack

Free Preview Begins: April 6, 2011 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: April 13, 2011 (Wednesday)

Update 3/29/11: So I got a lot of conflicting dates for this free preview, I can now confirm that the free preview will be April 6-13 instead of March 31-April 4. I missed a few people to thank for this one as well – Jeremy, David, and John. Thank you!

There’s a free preview of HD Extra Pack on DirecTV starting April 6 and ending on April 13.

The DirecTV HD Extra Pack includes Crime & Investigation Network HD, Hallmark Movie Channel, HDNet Movies, Palladia HD, MGM HD, Sony Movie Channel HD, Smithsonian HD and Universal HD. See below for the channel lineup.

Thank you Jack, Regina, and Thomas for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

560 – Hallmark Movie Channel HD
561 – HDNet Movies
562 – MGM HD
563 – Sony Movie Channel HD
564 – Universal HD
565 – Smithsonian HD
566 – Crime & Investigation HD
567 – Palladia HD



  1. Apparently this is NOT for all direct tv customers. I have been a customer for years and when I check my ALL CHANNELS section, the above listed channels don’t show up. Obviously you have to be a Direct TV HD subscriber to even be considered for this free preview. BOGUS to everyone else.

  2. Mike – this free preview doesn’t start until March 31st.

  3. Mike! Rough day at the office?

    The thing is free! And it’s called “HD Extra Pack”…so you’re right: it is obvious. (If you don’t already have HD, you benefit nothing from an HD preview.)

    Are you really complaining about something free that you don’t get that you didn’t get anyway? God bless America…

  4. Admin….Mike is saying that he does not see the channels. Can not see the channels listed in his program guide.
    “the above listed channels don’t show up.”
    How can you watch a channel that your viewing guide says does not exists?

  5. I notified you of this free preview back on the 13th so I expected to see my name credited. Also it’s not from the 31st to the 4th but from the 6th to the 13th. If you have the Choice package then you’ll get the Choice Extra channels.

  6. Sorry about that Jeremy – and everyone else. I finally got the right dates up there.

  7. Dave & John– I have to agree with Mike. My Box has the availability to receive HD; but we do not subscribe to that package. When I saw there would be a free HD preview I went to add the channels & they will not show up. So I have the availability to receive HD; but since I do not have the HD plan; the “extra” free HD preview channels will not be aviable to me.

  8. I was excited about the free preview, then I saw the shows/movies they are showing and that went out the window.
    The HD looks nice, but the programming sucks, and they show tons of commercials during movies.

    No wonder a lot of folks dont have this extra pack.

    Looking forward to the HBO preview.

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