DirecTV Free Preview of HBO

Free Preview Begins: January 27, 2012 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: January 30, 2012 (Monday)


There’s a free preview of HBO on DirecTV January 27-30. There’s also a free preview of HBO and Cinemax on Dish Network going on at this time.

Thank you Tom, Firas, and  S. for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

501-511 – HBO



  1. thanks so excited to see it, I always wanted to know when the preview for those channel were on but never could find out so thanks so much you were of big help

  2. Got an email from Directv confirming this. HBO will be premiering the new series Luck on Jan. 29.

  3. I hope Cinemax is included. It usually is.

  4. @JeremyCooke You add can HBO and get CINRMAX for free.

  5. I Believe Cox Costumers will be included 2.

  6. is at&t u-verse is going to be in this free preview

  7. On Directv hbo usually runs their free previews about twice a year and more if they have a new show starting just like they did for boardwalk empire and now for luck…

  8. too bad cox communications isnt doing anything for this weekened

  9. Does anyone kno what time it starts??like have to wait for specific time the 27?

  10. It looks like no Cinemax, just HBO.

  11. It’s the 28th and no HBO is anybody else able to get it?

  12. Restart your box.

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