Choice Xtra

DirecTV Free Preview of Choice Xtra Package With Over 200 Channels

Free Preview Begins: May 22, 2011 (Sunday)
Free Preview Ends: May 28, 2011 (Saturday)

DirecTV is going to be having a free preview of their Choice Xtra package starting May 22 and ending May 28. This free preview includes over 200 channels with 40 HD channels!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider.



  1. I am curious…. just how many times have you shown “in the line of fire” on Showtime over the past year?

  2. I wanted to ask what are the free preview channels that are offered May 22-28 and how many channels is this for? I didn’t find out what they are on your website. Thank You

  3. this is a joke? because in my tv mail say free trial 50 channels and I can’t see them, please dont play with customers

  4. This is the best form of advertising, if you don’t know how to use it, get off the pot. Don’t dangle free channels to customers and not pay out. Nice receiving free premium channels every now and then, where did they go? If the 50 free channels are between the 200-300 channels this is not a plus for me, as I already receive these channels. I do not feel appreciated as a customer, cannot wait for my contract to expire.

  5. By the way, please make it easier to find the list of free channals, checking your website DOES NOT WORK,I found this page by accident, just go back to giving the info in the tv mail.

  6. Things like this can push your customers the wrong way

  7. What is going on with the free trial? this does’nt make directv look good.

  8. Just tried to see the “Free” channels and nothing. Nice Directv to f over your customers.

  9. This is redick. You say there are channels but im not seeing jack. This is why people are going to dish. Not cool people……………. figures
    Do yu direct people even read this to better yur selfs or say screw it.

  10. What’s wrong with you people? It’s pretty simple. If you don’t have Choice Xtra then you get all those channels for a week. I have Choice already but it’s nice to get a few extra channels free eg: Hub, Fox Movie Channel, Chiller, WGN, Sleuth.

  11. You guys realize that this isn’t DirecTV’s site, right?

  12. I guess people are mad because the channels never came in, at least they didn’t for me. This site (although not affiliated with directv) is usually pretty accurate or has been in the past for me. I think directv knows they slipped up on this occasion and maybe that is why they are offering free hbo, showtime, cinemax and starz to costumers on june 9th through june 12th.

  13. Not sure why the channels didn’t appear for some people. I’ve still got the extra ones even though the freeview was supposed to end over a week ago. I’m certainly not complaining. Just hope I don’t get charged for them.

  14. starz free preview is not working. very dissapointed with direc tv

  15. I have been a loyal customer for a very long time. if i cant get the free preview
    like everyone else immediate action will be taken!

  16. can you say false adv. lol

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