Choice Xtra

DirecTV Free Preview of Choice Xtra Package With Over 200 Channels

Free Preview Begins: August 29, 2011 (Monday)
Free Preview Ends: September 5, 2011 (Monday)

DirecTV is going to be having a free preview of their Choice Xtra package August 29-September 8. This free preview includes over 200 channels with 40 HD channels!

Thanks Sal and Justin for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know of a free preview you don’t see listed?

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider.



  1. What channels are being offered as a free preview on Choice Xtra? Could you please e-mail the listing? Thank You.

  2. what channels are being offered as a free preview on choice xtra? could u please e-mail the listing? thank you

  3. Dear Admin. No that link doesn’t work. My mother has direct tv , and she don’t have a computer, to find out what channels are free, from Aug.29th to Sept.8th. So I’m trying to find the channels for her. So far the you said to go to just gives me the runaround. Why is that?? Isn’t there a easier way to find the free preview of 50 channels that she is getting???????

  4. I’ve got something more to say, well ask really, could you e-mail me the listings?? Thank you.

  5. what channels are being offer

  6. Please tell me why you tell us to go online to get a list of the free channels we get from Aug 29 – Sept 5 if you don’t provide anything more than this page…no listing…just a place for us to complain that we go online for no reason. This is not the way to
    stay #1 for customer satisfaction.

  7. Please send me a list of channels being offered. Thanks

  8. Please e-mail the choice extra ch that are offered for the free preview.thank you.

  9. Hello everyone,

    First of all I am not DirecTV. I am one person who does this in my free time.

    The best way to get the channel listing is to log into your DirecTV account or use this link:

    I am not a DirecTV customer so it’s hard for me to get to a place where I can easily get the channel lineup. The only channel line-up I can find is outdated and I do not want to give anyone outdated information.

    Enjoy your free preview!

  10. I don”t understand why Directv would advertise free preview and not provide channels? If this really is a preview, please provide pertinent info (channels). This is not good customer communication/service. Do I/we (customers) need to pay more than we’er paying now for this bad advertisement.

  11. It amazes me how people have the time to write down complaints, yet don’t take the time to read either or realize this website is not affiliated with Directv.

    Anyway, hope the administration don’t take the ‘angry’ notes personally. I for one, appreciate this website’s existence. Otherwise I would probably miss the free previews.

  12. I agree with Ruben. Please ignore the ungrateful and rude people who wouldn’t even know about such things without all your effort.

  13. There is suppose to be a free trial choicextra but cannot find where it is at ,please email me and let me know. Thank you… Judy

  14. Where are the free trial channels on choicextra

  15. what are the free channels?

  16. Where are the FREE CHANNELS on choicextra listed. You seem to make things very difficult to find. WHY?

  17. It’s really not that hard, people… Go to the site the admin offered, enter your zip code, and then look at the “Standard Channel” list under Choice Xtra. This site is doing you guys a favor, not fulfilling an obligation, so quit your whining.

    This link may help as well. No guarantees.

  19. How do we get the list of channels on choice extra free trial for August 29-Sept. 5,2011

    thank you…Linda

  20. Are you people on crack?! If you want the channels, look them up! I’m surprised some of you can actually change the channel on your DVR!

  21. I’m like the others. We tried to find the other channels and couldn’t find them. Either email us and let us know what channels or put it on the info when you tell us when we have free extra channels. Thank you

  22. its pretty bad when you have to go to all the channels, to find out which 1″s you get for the free trial. would have been nice if they were highlighted, some of us are seniors and not all have good eyes or computers.if you dont have hd hook-ups in all rooms you’ll only get the channels that is highlighted in hd. i got all channels in l/room due to the hdbox and in the bedroom no not hardly any of these channels. had i know this i would have gotten 2hd hookups.

  23. I sure would like to know the 50 channels.

  24. I have the Select Package and I am receiving all the free channels in the Choice Extra Package except the Sports Ones that are in this package and its really pissing me off that Direct Tv does that!!!

  25. Try
    You can look at the package “Extra Choice
    Wait for the site to load then scroll down
    Then a pdf file will open if you hit

  26. Could you e-mail me a list of the 50 channels that’s free from 8/29/11-9/5/11.I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank you,

  27. Look on the freakin direct tv webste.. or heck, take your remote and start going through the channels…not that hard.

  28. another bait & switch by DirecTV!!!!!!!!

  29. The channels are all there. They are simply scattered. You have to literally go channel by channel. And who knows, a lot of you might already have the channels with your package and looking for extra channels that simply aren’t there. Anyway, we have the cheapest package and the free channels we are getting are:

    230-235-251-257-258-261-266-272-283-286-287-293-307-308-337 and a bunch of music channels and religious channels and news channels.

  30. It makes me sad to see so many idiots making stupid comments. In the time it took to type your pointless comments you could’ve gone to the DirecTV website and found the channel listing yourself. It’s not difficult. Then again maybe it is when you have half a brain.

  31. Channels 545 thru 549 plus 554,555,557 and 558 are free in Portland, Oregon.

  32. It is very rude of you people to make comments about people for having trouble finding channels. It is not easy and the site makes it very hard. I am compute literate and had a very hard time finding them, I get most of the choice plus and some of the choice extra still do not come up. So all you people picking on others or elderly should be ashamed and embarassed for your comments. Be kind to others. It comes around two fold

  33. Apologies if I caused any offence. I’m not picking on the elderly or people who aren’t good with computers. I’m only picking on the people who, for some reason, think this website is associated with DirecTV and can’t be bothered to do a little work and find out the channels for themselves.

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