Choice Xtra

DirecTV Free Preview of Choice Xtra Package

Free Preview Begins: August 30, 2010 (Monday)
Free Preview Ends: September 5, 2010 (Sunday)

DirecTV is going to be having a free preview of their Choice Xtra package starting August 30th and ending September 5th. This free preview includes over 30 channels!

Thank you Son for letting me know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

These are just some of the channels included in this free preview:

208 – ESPN Classic
215 – NHL Network
217 – Tennis Channel
235 – Style
250 – Fox Reality
251 – Oxygen
257 – Chiller
258 – Fox Movie Channel
266 – Biography Channel
271 – History International
272 – Logo
274 – Ovation TV
279 – Discovery Health
285 – Investigation Discovery
286 – Discovery Home
287 – Military Channel
307 – Superstation WGN
308 – Sleuth
326 – Great American Country
330 – BET J
337 – VH1 Classic
354 – G4
602 – The Interactive Horseracing Network
605 – The Golf Channel
607 – Speed Channel
608 – Versus
612 -FUEL TV



  1. Will this include premium movie and entertainment channels? ie; HBO, Showtime, etc.

  2. I have this package already, it does not include HBO and the like.
    Direct Tv sux. Every other provider occasionally has a premium channel free for a weekend. Direct TV just gives you a couple dozen crappy channels that no one watches anyway.

  3. Also, I got free Encore channels for 3 months for being a good customer for 5 years, They didn’t tell me until over a month and a half after my free gift was started. A$$holes.

  4. They used to have a free preview of HBO, Cinemax and such at least one weekend every 2 months. I haven’t gotten one of those in I can’t even remember how long.

  5. We are due a weekend with the premium movie and entertainment channels. I am hooked up via my landlord and that account is currently the same as Kurt’s.

    A free for all weekend has come about one annually, so maybe we won’t see any extras at all for the “basic” Choice Xtra.

  6. Last year, DirecTV had a movie channel free preview every couple of months. This year the pickings have been pretty slim.

  7. When will we got a free weekend of HBO and cinemax again? I have not had a free weekend of HBO and CINEMAX since 2009?

  8. yeh what’s up it’s been so long since HBO/max preview I love directtv and have been with them 7+ years but this is the slimmest of all :(

  9. That list of the channels that will be included is a bit outdated, to clarify I am going to post the up to date list. All DirecTV customers currently on the CHOICE Package or below will be receiving a FREE preview of the following channels from August 30, 2010 (Monday) to September 5, 2010 (Sunday):

    215-NHL Network
    216-NBA TV
    217-Tennis Channel
    218-Golf Channel
    230-DIY Network
    258-Fox Movie Channel
    267-Documentary Channel
    271-History International
    274-Ovation TV
    276-National Geographic Channel
    283-Nat Geo WILD
    285-Investigation Discovery (ID)
    286-Planet Green
    287-Military Channel
    294-Discovery Kids
    295-PBS Kids Sprout
    302-Nicktoons Network
    307-WGN America
    326-Great American Country (GAC)
    337-VH1 Classic
    359-Fox Business Network
    410-mun2 (moon-dos)
    602-TVG – The Interactive Horseracing Network
    605-The Sportsman Channel
    607-Speed Channel
    613-CBS College Sports
    618-FUEL TV
    813-SONICTAP: Folk Rock
    823-SONICTAP: Showtunes
    824-SONICTAP: Groove Lounge
    825-SONICTAP: Hot Jamz
    828-SONICTAP: Hallelujah
    829-SONICTAP: Hair Guitar
    830-SONICTAP: Full Metal Jacket
    831-SONICTAP: College Rock
    837-SONICTAP: Classic Hits Blend
    839-SONICTAP: Flashback/New Wave
    841-SONICTAP: Spike
    844-SONICTAP: Old School Funk
    848-SONICTAP: Coffeehouse Rock
    852-SONICTAP: Jazz
    860-SONICTAP: Modern Workout
    862-SONICTAP: Classic Rock Workout
    867-SONICTAP: Be-Tween
    868-SONICTAP: The Playground
    869-SONICTAP: Bailamos!
    880-SONICTAP: Familiar Favorites
    883-SONICTAP: Irish.

  10. Thanks for the updated list Rob!

  11. I saw an ad this evening on advertising a free viewing showtime on wednesday and fridays only until sometime thru the first of Oct.

  12. Can someone trade a crappy channel they don’t want to watch for a better one? A trade-off of sorts.

  13. This is just aplain old bait and switch a morally illegal con just like 90% of direct tv deals. Like the NFL sunday ticket scam also. a real deal wouid have channels that more than a dozen people care about

  14. Well Kurt… There’s this thing called (mail) in your menu..the place where u can watch our recorded stuff ect..if u check it periodically u will notice HBO,showtime, stars,cinemas…do have free previews for days every month or two.. Not only that many free previews weekly if u take the time 2 check your… D.t mail.. I know I know they should probly call u and let u know when there’s free channels but.. Again there’s a reason D.t has customer mail in the menu. # be a little smsmarterless lazy.

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