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Cox Communications Having a Fall FreeView

Free Preview Begins: September 10, 2013 (Tuesday)
Free Preview Ends: September 29, 2013 (Sunday)

Cox Communications is having a Fall FreeView September 10-29 that includes 500 episodes of over 50 popular shows from premium, broadcast, and cable networks. You’ll also be able to get a sneak peek at some new and returning fall shows.

It looks like what they are offering will be rotating every week and will include “Homeland”, “True Blood”, “Boardwalk Empire”, and many more popular series.

So sorry to be late with this one it somehow didn’t make it on my radar until now.

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.

Cox Communications

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  1. Gee, thanks SO much Cox. This is SO great, and definitely makes up for you not participating in the free HBO/Cinemax that everyone else had last weekend!

    Wipe up that sarcasm, it stains.

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