Free Preview of Starz for Many Providers

Free Preview for: Encore, Starz
Available to Subscribers of: , ,

starz-logoThere’s a free preview of Starz & Encore this weekend happening for quite a few providers. If you don’t see your provider on the list, and you know they’re participating, please leave a comment below.

You can catch a free preview of Starz on DirecTV November 27 – November 30.

There’s also a free preview of Starz and Encore on Dish Network November 27-30.

Verizon FIOS is having a free preview of Starz November 26 – December 1.

There’s a free preview of Starz & Encore on Cox, November 26 – December 2.

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25 Comments to “Free Preview of Starz for Many Providers”

  1. gisele Says:

    Comcast dose have any free channel

  2. Sandra Quiroz Says:

    Dish free starz & encore. Only encore showing not starz.

  3. JP Drum Says:

    I don’t think this is correct for Dish. They don’t have anything on their website, and channel 103 shows EPIX in free preview from 11/25-11/30.

  4. Ralph Says:

    Epix is free for me on Dish right now.

  5. Admin Says:

    Thanks JP and Ralph. I’ve gotten several tips about the free Starz on Dish that sounded legit. Hopefully it will happen!

  6. Steven C Says:

    The free preview on DirecTV is for Starz and Encore (just like the previous announcement said).

  7. Greg Says:

    I’m trying to find the announcement for this freebie on DirecTV website. Can’t find it to verify.


  8. G.J. Says:

    According to their FB page, Grande Communications is doing the Starz and Encore preview November 26-30.

  9. Sara Says:

    I can’t find this info on directva website or my bills either…

  10. Bruce Says:

    The movies on Encore are comparable to an old VHS collection.

  11. Marie M. Says:

    In forwarding 11/26 through Sunday, I don’t see any free channels on my DirecTV guide.

  12. Bill Belichik Says:

    DirecTV is advertising this free preview on their Messages app.

  13. Stacy Says:

    Starz, Encore, and Epix all free for Verizon Fios

  14. Jul Says:

    NOTHING ON YET ON DIRECT TV. WHY NOT????? It is the 27th right ????? Come on people do your DARN JOBS !!!!

  15. Sierra Says:

    I have DirecTv and as of 12:14 11/27, it’s not working for me…

  16. Chuck Says:

    Brighthouse in Michigan

  17. Diana Says:

    I have DirecTV and Starz and Encore are available to me right now.

  18. Patty Kelemen Says:

    I have bright house, and do not see any free Starz listed

  19. nate Says:

    I have brighthouse in ocala FL and I’m getting Starz. Its pretty cool movie package. Wish I was getting Cinemax package free preview

  20. Steven C Says:

    DirecTV previews always start and end at 3am pacific.

  21. cox customer in omaha Says:

    cox has a free preview weekend?

    that is a first in a long time.

  22. Dennis Grace Says:

    Free preview on Midcontinent for both Starz and Encore; found out accidently because if there was an announcement from Midcontinent, I missed it. It is not mentioned on their website either.

  23. AR Says:

    I have direct tv and it looks like I can get starz but not starz on demand! What good is that…?! I want to watch a specific show not whatever crap you happen to have on!

  24. Michael Says:

    I have comcast and I’m watching starz for fre. I do not know when it started or how long it will last. I see some say Dec 2, 2014

  25. Destony Says:

    Hello what about Time Warner what are the free previews

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