Free Preview of Showtime Right Now for Comcast Xfinity Customers

Free Preview for: Showtime
Available to Subscribers of:

Free Preview Begins: Now
Free Preview Ends: January 8, 2014 (Wednesday)

I was wrong :( So sorry everyone, this was apparently an old promotion.

Sorry about the late notice on this one! Comcast Xfinity customers are getting a free preview of Showtime now through January 8. You’ll have free Showtime online and On Demand as well. Here’s more information.

Thank you Andy for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider for the local channel lineup.

Comcast Xfinity

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13 Comments to “Free Preview of Showtime Right Now for Comcast Xfinity Customers”

  1. Ernest Cassirer Says:

    I just checked Showtime on Comcast. There is no free preview right now. There has been no message4 from Comcast that there is one.

  2. geri031706 Says:

    I have Comcast and not getting Showtime.

  3. Scott Says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Both Live and On Demand no not work. They want me to upgrade.

  4. Lucille Says:

    I’m in N.J. and have Comcast. Just checked my Showtime channels and Showtime OnDemand — no free preview here.

  5. Johnny Says:

    There is no free preview at the moment.

  6. Bill Says:

    Indiana and Comcast. No free Showtime OnDemand here.

    But I did just get an e-mail from them:

    HBO® and Cinemax Freeview Weekend starts Friday

    (this coming Friday)

  7. Bill Says:

    It seemed strange the Showtime free preview would end on Wednesday, since normally it’s a weekend deal.

    Found this old link on the Internet:

    That was a January 2012 promotion.

  8. Admin Says:

    So sorry about this guys. I assumed that since it was sent in they were seeing it.

  9. paul Says:

    Anyone know if cox is getting the HBO and cinema preview

  10. Mark Says:

    They usually give a free preview when a new season of shows is about to start. In the case of Showtime, that is Jan 10-12.

  11. Wendy Says:

    Yeah they usually do Mark but no word from them this year. :-( I wonder why not. Darn we wanted to see “Homeland.” :-(

  12. Suzy Says:

    No free Showtime preview in Pittsburgh from Comcast. We were hoping to catch the final Dexter season.

  13. timmay Says:

    Guess Comcast and Showtime are lying.

    (posted 1/11/14)

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